Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Complaint and a... Surprise?

          I said to myself I would update this site everyday and if I hadnt been working on future projects for the Overlook this post would have been more worth wild. Well today has been good and bad, good in the way I have some solid ideas that are moving forward and bad in the way I've hit some software hiccups. Tomorrow is a new day though and I will have some thoughts to share about "The Call" and hopefully my buddy Lattimer will make an appearance.

Oh, and  the Chuckster is back!

        For another movie!
 "Curse of Chucky" will be ignoring the last two films so Chucky will be sporting his baby face again.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ascension (indie horror game)

          I just ran across this game and from the 5 minutes I've played it was pretty fun. Here is a couple screen grabs and the description of the game.

          "Ascension is a psychological horror game in which you play as Atticus, a groundskeeper who has brought his sick daughter to work on the day of a horrible accident in his building. Separated from his daughter, Atty must survive the hordes of monsters stalking him and make it back to her before something else reaches her first."

         The thing I like most about Ascension is the prompt you get when you start the game, its basically tells you to try to lose your self in the game and play in the dark. Another great thing is this game is free, you can find it here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goblin Announces First North American Tour


           "Dawn of the Dead", "Deep Red", "Suspiria", mentioning these names conjure up many things for me but the first thing I recall and instantly start hearing is Goblin. They are one of the reasons people like me love Italian horror. The Goblin's really made the 70's an awesome time for horror by provided many of the best films with awesome progressive rock soundtracks. Progressive rock is kind of a weak way to describe something as cool as Goblin so I recommend you check them out for yourself, either rent an Argento film or hunt down a CD...Or see them LIVE!

10/1 Atlanta, GA - The Loft
10/3 Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel
10/4 Baltimore, MD - Otto Bar
10/5 Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts
10/6 Brooklyn, NY - The Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/9 Boston, MA - Sinclair
10/10 Montreal, QC - Le National
10/11 Toronto, ON - Opera House
10/12 Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot
10/13 Chicago, IL - Metro
10/15 Denver, CO - The Gothic Theatre
10/18 Seattle, WA - Neumos
10/19 Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre
10/20 San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom
10/22 Los Angeles, CA - Beyond Fest @ The Egyptian Theater
10/25 Austin, TX - Housecore Horror Film Festival
10/27 Austin, TX - Housecore Horror Film Festival

I was planning to try to get out to Austin to see them but they just recently announced this tour and yes SF gets a date! This is beyond words for me and I will for sure be attending, I will let you know when I learn more.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Arrived

          This just arrived in the mail and I will admit I am pretty excited. "Race War: the Remake" will mark the first film for DWN productions and they were cool enough to "hook me up" (see what I did there) with a copy. So this will be viewed in it's entirety tonight and I mean it, if this film turned out to be a prank and it was just a blaring loud sound for 180min I would not turn it off. Oh and if you'd like to send me even a prank film please do! I'll post a mailing address soon, so for now just contact me.

"Race War: the Remake" will hit stores and VOD Aug 20th

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Brief History of Wizard Video

         I've been asked more than a couple times now about my Wizard Video patch, I'm not surprised how many people have never heard of the company from 1979. Wizard Video's main claim to fame was their release of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on VHS, although horror fans will know of them for a couple other reasons. The founder of Wizard Video was none other than Charles Band of Full Moon Pictures which he founded after, another big deal (Pun intended) was the marketing of the "Big Box" for VHS's. The Big Box was essentially just that a bigger box, since the day of the VHS has long gone these big boxes have become a serious collectors item.

The Big Boxes pictured above were discovered in a warehouse in mint condition and are up for sale.

          Charles also took a shot at video games with Wizard Video Games.

         Both games sold poorly mainly due to the fact they were marketed towards adults, stores would either hide them behind the counter or not carry them all together. Like the Big Box VHS these games also became collectible but worth a good amount more. Here is a look at a bootlegged version of the two games. So now that you know a bit about Wizard Video pick up your patch on eBay and we can be friends till the end (theres your nod Chucky).

A look Inside

          Here is an updated picture of the current set up in the Theatre.

I have been dying to screen something so I think I'm just going to set up the computer in there tonight and multitask. Also I've been messing around on Tumblr, so check that out too. Oh and check your "Other" folder on facebook, I've missed many messages that contained time sensitive material...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Kind of Matryoshka dolls...

        Cthulhu,  Shogoth, and a cultist (with Necronomicon)

          I just found out about these and had to share. Go to Mike Bilz blog and demand these get produced, shoot if they do I'll get two sets and hold some showing and give the other out. So go harass this brilliant man, now!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The coolest skeleton figures ever!

          I recently filled my virtual monster squad horror hangout with cool items. but once I sat down to enjoy it I realized I totally jipped myself. So I'm granting myself this off topic post to bring you some awesome pictures posted a while back of the COOLEST skeleton figures ever!

          These awesome figures have an awesome stand that holds all they're extra awesome stuff... oh yeah and they are sold out. They did do a second run though...

          I think you can still order this bad boy (who's sporting some cool new shields) from Ho33ie Search, but wait a while so I can order a few. Oh and these would totally go in my tree house.

Some quick thoughts on "Inbred" & "Inhuman Resources" *Spoilers* (not many I promise)

          So I'm still trying to hold back from the same old boring reviews of movies I screen but I wanted to mention the theme of voyeurism in "Inbred" and a nod to Thomas Reddmann as a slasher in "Inhuman Resources".

          The theme of voyeurism is common place in horror films due to the fact that we as horror fans are choosing to witness the terror taking place. One of the best examples of course comes from Hitchcock in his masterpiece "Pyscho". Hitchcock's best example in the film takes place when Norman moves a picture to view through a hole in the wall. Basically we witness him partake in a foul act but the camera soon cuts so we can see through too and we are rewarded by seeing Janet Leigh in her underwear (if you click that link you only further the point). Enough about Hitchcock though we are talking about "Inbred".

          The reason this movie felt worth talking about was the way this awesome shot was set up. It reminded me a lot of what Hitchcock was getting at, just this time its about the new generation of horror fans and how we may be more rabid. The distance of the audience from the subject in the dirty show room is mirrored by the distance of the camera, its almost like when I was sitting in the Overlook Theatre I was back stage at the show. But just when you think the movie is starting to get preachy by showing us as foul, pigheaded, blood thirsty, and inbred bastards, they pull out the lamest yet what I consider the most fun gimmick, 3-D! I found this very effective as it defuses the grim statement and totally pleases the audience, on both sides of the stage.
Just look at these smiles!
          Now about my nod to Thomas Reddmann, I know most people wont agree with me when I say this but I totally feel like he is the most memorable modern slasher next to Hatchet face himself, Victor Crowley.

I'll start by saying, yes he totally looks like Patrick Batemen just 20+ years older and it doesnt help that he's holding one of his iconic weapons too. Still that is the impression you get until you sit down with Thomas Reddmann and get to know him a little better. First Reddmann has an awesome back story, that gives the character a ton of depth. Thomas is a very psychotic and somewhat victimized character (Nicholas Hope deserves a ton of credit for pulling this off) and its balance is executed a lot better than say Jason's love for his mom or Michael's sister drama. I can't get too into it without ruining a major plot devise so I'll move on. Thomas also has a Unique weapon that doesn't feel forced and works well with his back story tying in, kinda like how Freddy's glove would only work for him. Lastly he also has some hidden wounds from a life long forgotten, you know like; Victor Crowley, Candy Man, Freddy, Jason, and well you get the idea, the good ones bare marks (although he gets extra points for hiding them). 
          I could go on for a while about how much I liked "Inhuman Resources" but I'm forcing myself to stop here. And I will admit I feel I was a bit vague in my argument but I'd rather you to see the film and follow up by telling me what you thought. Also a more in depth review may happen in the future but for now this is gonna haft ta do.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 Things I Would Have In A Monster Squad Style Tree House Horror Hangout


          The master of horror blogs (John Squires) came up with this awesome idea yesterday. The title pretty much says it all and I'm a bit too excited to write out a proper header (I can't image setting this post up better than him so be sure to check his blog at Freddy in Space).

 1) MTC Nightmare Warriors

I've had a deep love for skeletons ever since the first time I saw my dad watching "Army of Darkness". The Nightmare Warriors aren't exactly the Ray Harryhausen-esk ones from AoD but I still would have been in bliss, Plus the He-man style figure was more up my ally anyway. The Nightmare Warriors came out a couple years before I born (1983) and most likely weren't around anymore when I was old enough to care. Still, now that I have the power to set up my virtual tree house how ever I want, these are my number 1 pick. 
(Thank you The Gallery of Monster Toys for the picture!)

2) Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 

Most of my earliest memories are of running around with this guy by my side. The cool thing about this plushie was he could double for a more to size scale Stay Puft than the actual figure they had made. He would totally be a valued member of any horror hangout and I'd love to see some kid tell me otherwise!

3) Monster in my Pocket with Mountain display

I to this day wish there was something out there like these little guys. Monsters in my pocket are by far one of the coolest toys of the 90's, I was like an addict begging my mom for money to buy a blind box. Plus if you found the one with the star on his back you would be king.... I mean they made 1 for every 10,000 made so I'm sure no one I knew got one but we all talked like it was a doable thing.

4) Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Before Goosebumps was a twinkle in R.L. Stein's eye, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was published. I had the pleasure of owning these 3 books and man did I read them a lot. In all honesty the stories really did fall second to Stephen Gammell's art, to this day I can recall pictures that have stuck with me through the years (My all time favorite being the spiders crawling out of the little girls face). I've seen these reprinted through the years and I'm sure its because the art had such a strong impact. 

5) Goosebumps

And then there were Goosebumps, I cannot believe this book series turned my sleepovers into book reading marathons, what kind of messed up kids were we? Looking back on them now I feel like it was time well spent, I even might dig mine up and read through "Go Eat Worms" again (For some reason that was my favorite). It's funny but writing this reminded me of the last R.L. Stein book I read, it was part of his teen series. All I really remember about "The Snowman" was it either hinted at or involved rape...

6) The OH Lantern Family

I remember throwing these things all over the place, not to mention smashing them with every Halloween weapon I've ever owned. Now I deeply regret ever mistreating the OH family as these bad boys have become pretty rare. Still these guys could take a beating and I have to admit I remember it being a ton of fun and a definite must for the hangout. 
For more details on the Oh Lantern Family you gotta check out The Gallery of Monster Toys.

8) Horror Spitballs

A young me would have love to spray water at my enemies with water shooting out of Jason's victims mouth. These are an awesome example of cool stuff from the 80's that leave you scratching your head in wonder, in wonder at why cool shit like this isn't still made today! I for one would totally buy and use a Victor Crowley spitball and pare that with a split headed victim... Someone please make that a reality!

9) The Thing: Infected Plasma

I used to love playing with this, I would totally pretend me and my friends had come across a wrecked alien vessel and had been infiltrated by The Thing! Okay so maybe I didn't do anything remotely like that and maybe this isn't even a real toy... But thanks to Tyler Ham of HamFX  I get to throw this in my horror hangout and no one (including reality!) can stop me! Ha! 

10) 13 Ghosts VHS art poster

Now this may exist and if it doesn't I'm going to Kinko's. When I was little I used to watch this movie over and over and over... But I don't think I really liked it all that much, I mean this movie was original marketed as a gimmick with this ghost vision glasses and that was for in theater viewing. I was watching it on VHS, though I did get to have this awesome totally misleading art work on the front! Man if this scratchy crazy drawing hadn't been so cool I bet I never would have watched it.

          If you have any ideas as to what you would put in your horror hangout, please share in the comments or if your blog savvy send the link John's way. Man this was fun to think about and I suggest you all do it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The secret Found Footage Fest film.

          Before the Found Footage Fest officially started we tested out the second screen as a possible in between feature films screen (used to play short films or YouTube videos during intermissions). We did this by showing another Found Footage Film that was not listed. Now before you get mad at the fact you missed this rare gem and the preparty experience, let me tell you about the film...
          I am not lying when I tell you the cover is a hundred more times entertaining than the film. This would be an unfair statement seeing as we turned it off 45min into it, but for some reason I love this gimmicky sub genera of horror called found footage and  I am revisiting it now. As I wrote the last 2 sentences the movie ended, So now I feel confident in reinforcing my previous statement. I actually didn't notice the clown (I'm assuming is supposed to be Gacy) on the cover till today, which i'll say was a neat surprise and a 100 times more entertaining than this film.
          In case you need reasons why it's bad, I'll give you a couple. This movie really drags and what really makes the painstakingly slow pace of the film so bad is the acting (I know some people will complain about any movie that tries to build suspense but I assure you I am not one). The next thing that really killed me was that the movie came off super generic, I myself am a huge fan of generic films but when you combo generic with uninspired directing and or what seems like a quick money grab, you just kill me. Nothing is worse than a film that feels like the people making it were bored. One last thing, why even use John Wayne Gacy as subject matter? I'm sure they picked him because his name is attached to strong imagery, which this movie was seriously lacking.
         While doing some very brief research on this film, I did stumble across something cool.
This map of his house is pretty awesome and totally feels like its from an adventure module for a table top game. So maybe this movie wasn't a total bust...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lisa's Little Angels

          I was roaming around on eBay looking for cool custom horror stuff when I stumbled upon this...

      Here is the description:

          These dolls cover a wide range of horror, from a subtle form to a ... well I'll just put some pictures up and show you.

And my favorite! How awesome is this "Splice" baby!
          I believe the "Splice" baby is one of the many custom orders Lisa does. It seems these babies go for around $75-$175, so start saving for next years mothers day. You can reach Lisa by finding one of her many listings on eBay or here at her site. I'll leave you with this:

Recovery & Austin TX

          I'm back from a much needed day of recovery. The Film Fest went smooth enough just ran super late,  still a ton of fun and I thank all of you that came. Oh and Ghostwatch totally made someone flee the scene which has solidified it's place as #1 in my heart!
          Demons & Demons 2 have been officially pre ordered.

 I cannot wait to get these bad boys in the mail. If you have not heard Synapse Films is releasing "Demons" and "Demons 2" in beautiful steel cases. They are doing a limited run of 3000 for each, the pre orders are up now so better hurry. If ya miss out, I will be showing them together whenever I receive them.
          Lastly I have informed Goblin will be playing in the U.S. for the first time ever...

Not only is it at a film + music fest that is right up my ally (Horror film + Metal Music) but Goblin is accompanying the movie live! I am really giving a trip to Austin,Texas a lot of thought... Oh and the film fest is called "Housecore Horror Film Festival", see ya there? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Found Footage Fest - Films and times revealed

 5:45 - 7:45
           "Noroi" (The Curse, 2005) Tapes compiling one mans effort to document something that has killed everyone else who's tried. From what I've seen (about 1/2) this is an awesome and hard to find film. Subtitled. 
 8:00 - 9:30
          The year is 1992, BBC promotes a Halloween event that would take audiences into the most haunted house in Europe. It will involve a full TV crew on location, reporters interviewing neighbors, and even an in studio host taking phone calls.  They just failed to mention 1 thing... It was prerecorded.  "Ghostwatch" may be my all time favorite found footage film. Not available in the U.S. this is a must see.

 10:00 - 12:00
           Still time to vote... As of right now "Grave Encounters" is winning so I'll talk a little about that... Imagine the show Ghost Adventures actually found something and the spirits hated the host as much as we do. In fact ill share an image in case you haven't seen him...

And last but not least...

 12:00 - 2:00
          Finally the one that many argue is Found Footage done the way it should be, not as a gimmick but as a plot device. "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980) Tells the story of a missing documentary film crew who had gone to the Amazon to film cannibal tribes. The footage is recovered and a new group sets out to discover what happened.
          I hope to see everyone here tomorrow, also feel free to show up whenever. Sitting through all the films is not a must but having fun is. So if you feel like playing Rockband and drinking feel free just know the projector waits and defiantly does not stop for anyone.