Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kids night

          Tonight is nostalgia night, starting off with a 2 part episode of "Are you Afraid of the Dark"
An original cast member return to mark the greatest adventure yet. The midnight society rules!
Followed by Hannah Montana 3-D 
 There is nothing like a perfectly innocent Miley to accent the evil nature of the electric eye...

         The Overlook Theatre will be getting back into the adult groove again for the Found Footage Fest this Saturday. And believe me I'm doing my homework!

I finally got my copy today!
If ya didn't know CinemaSewer covers Cinema that is otherwise not. This would include B-movies long forgotten, porn, and instructional work videos. If I keep up this blog (Which I plan to) I hope they one day invite me to write an article for them (I can dream).

           There will be atleast two more films shown tonight, if they inspire any thoughts I will return and post.

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