Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Film and a Movie

          So last night I did end up watching some stuff with a friend of mine. Neither feature was great but the fact that they were so mismatched made us come up with an idea for a monthly showing. We are going to call it "Film and a Movie" (working title). The idea is simple enough, we will show two movies that are poplar opposite. Opposite not in subject matter but in entertainment value Like the films we watched last night...

 4/5 Lord Battle - 3/5 Berkeley Blazer (Name im using for my buddy)

2/5 Lord Battle - 3/5 Berkeley Blazer

Each film has found its audience one way or another but I can assure you there isn't much of a crossover interest. Now with that said I in no way am implying that one is better than the other (well one is more entertaining and ill address that shortly) merely different. The Idea behind Film and a Movie is fun first off and secondly a challenge, currently my buddy is helping me come up with guidelines at the moment. The guidelines are to ensure we are attempting to get as pretentious a Film and as low brow a Movie as possible, it will work like this...
          Each category will have 10 guidelines a couple examples for "Film" may be: Black and White (artistic choice not do to age), Silent, Foreign, etc... "Movie" could be; Grossed over 5 million opening weekend, Is a genera piece, Is a remake/reboot. These are in no way solid guidelines yet but should give you an idea. So once a movie is picked we see how many of the guidelines apply, those then become points. Once the Film/Movie is over we will rate them (like I recorded under each poster above) out of 5 using Netflix standards. The points will then be added together to declare a winner. The reason for the entertainment rating is to ensure we get a Film/Movie with some attempt to entertain. I can only imagine what I'd be signing up for otherwise, Id basically be challenging my friend (who attends Berkeley graduate school) to find the most pretentious film possible and promising to sit through it! 

         On a side note the Overlook Theatre is looking awesome in preparation for the Found Footage Fest. I hope all interested make it out, even if just to score free food and play rockband. More later.

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