Wednesday, June 5, 2013


        Awesome film! Ill admit I expected nothing from "Dredd" the first time around but damn I was floored. I don't want to get into a lengthy review as the first post on the Overlook Theatre blog so I'll try to keep this brief... In fact ill just talk about why I think this is the best action film I've seen in years. He succeeds where many other action heroes fail. He is a bad ass among bad asses and pulls it off in an old school one liner shooting campy style and this is without the audience laughing at him. In fact the Overlook Theatre experience has been with crowds cheering for him (mind you crowds here max out at 11 and have only seen full capacity once)! Keith Urban also delivers a performance that makes Dredd feel like hes a cartoon character come to life. As a big fan of slashers I often read about people like Kane Hodder or Gunnar Hansen and how they give a character character by using body langue. Now I realize Dredd has a helmet and a ton of lines (very different than Leatherface or Jason who have full masks and grunts) but he still needed to make up for the fact we cant read his emotions via facial expressions. With that being said it seems he is constantly making a frown or some other form of emote with his mouth the entire movie, It comes across wonderfully in this film too. Like I said earlier he is so effective at doing this you can almost imagine his helmet visor becoming wide eyed with fear or squint from an explosion just like in a cartoon.
        I'm realizing that i'm a bit more buzzed than I thought and I'm coming off as scatter brained. Actually spelling is a bit hard right now to, go figure. Also seeing as I'm being commanded to start the next film "Parker" (not to excited about this one) I'm gonna take this chance to stop this terrible introduction post before I do any more damage. I will return to do an in length review of this film though, it really is one of my new favorites. Anyway ill post more soon and I promise to be more coherent.

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