Mission: The Overlook Theatre is a horror film blog that offers nonacademic reviews from casual to hardcore horror fans (in all honesty, some reviewers would never watch horror if it weren't for the screenings), in an attempt to capture a friend to friend dialogue/trust.
                Another thing we'd like to do is build a strong network for the Bay Area horror scene. Way too many events go by unnoticed. Screenings, appearances, and even conventions have come and gone with many willing participants never having a clue. If you have or know of anything thing going on, in or near the Bay Area please contact us at Theoverlooktheatre@Gmail.com


A: The first part of our review system starts with a movie poster. I take the poster from the film being reviewed but rarely use the official release, these posters are usually foreign or fan art. The posters have our logo stamped on them along with 3 taglines from reviews. The taglines are chosen by me (Lord Battle).
Directly under the poster is a number ratio of how many "Viewers" "Liked" the film. It says "Viewers" because this includes even non-reviewers that were present during the screening. The "Viewers" tally is almost pointless since we moved, now that we have more reviewers than ever and way less room for tourists.

B: This is where the reviewers get to speak their mind and rate the film. I used to ask for a blurb type review from everyone with literally no expectations. Now I require a little bit more but this is slowly getting stricter and stricter as the site grows.
The second half of this section is reserved for the films trailer. This originally was included just to take up space and make the review as a whole seem more "full". It's common place for a trailer to totally give away to much so I often discourage viewing the trailer right above its embedded link.

C: The last part of the review starts with the final rating. The final rating is of course the average of all the reviewers scores. Once a movie is reviewed it is added permanently to the Reviews By Star Rating page.
The next part of the review is the wrap up, this is usually written by yours truly (Lord Battle) although many others have done warp ups as part of a reward or for a film they had a lot to say about. The wrap up portion is were I like to inject my "post modernism" defense for the many horrible films I love. This section came about when I first decided to start sharing my theories of the films we were reviewing. It honestly is the most fun I have with the review section. This portion is meant to be read after viewing the film.

Characters: The character concept was originally created so I could get peoples opinions and not use their real names or pictures. Another reason is it's just a lot of fun and a great way to showcase our favorite artists, while constructing our own corner of the internet.

Submissions: All forms of submitted art is reviewed honestly. I (Russell Fisher A.K.A Lord Battle) post reviewers' opinions as I receive them (aside from some grammar/spelling corrections).
                       Sometimes reviewers are out-of-line or just plain cruel, I choose to leave everything as written not because I support what they say but because I need to allow them the freedom to say what they feel is fitting. I do this so that characters will develop naturally and hopefully gain appropriate reputations.


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