Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival Highlights

This year marks the 20th season of San Francisco's Another Hole in the Head, a grassroots genre film festival that is always expanding. You never really know what you're getting into when you attend an AHITH screening, but in the handful of years that we've attended, we've met some great friends and seen some wild movies. 

This year we teamed up with the festival to do some cross promotion and get some extra attention on a couple of movies. And this weekend, those movies are making their ways to the big screen. Hopefully you'll join us to watch them!

Here are some of the upcoming highlights from the festival's lineup. Some of the filmmakers have been guests on the Overlook Hour, some are movies that stand out to me for a variety of reasons. Read on for more details!


[World Premiere! Sat, Dec 9th, 7:00 PM @ 4 Star Theater]

A gruesome creature waits for unsuspecting victims at a cheap Tokyo rental apartment.

Writer/director Doug Roos does not usually wear every single hat on a production, but for some reason he was compelled to with Bakemono. He handled the effects, sets, cinematography, as well as the pre-production. The result is shocking; Doug almost single-handedly created a film that looks like it had a whole team behind it, and one that doesn't shy away from showing off its gore.


[Sun, Dec 10th, 6:00 PM @ 4 Star Theater]

Voodoo deity transforms burlesque dancer into a "Valentine Vampire." Blood only whets her appetite--she must eat her victim's beating hearts.

This movie is absolutely nuts! Written and directed by the man behind our beloved Modern Vampires, several Oingo Boingo music videos, and of course Forbidden Zone, Bloody Bridget is an intestine strewn, blood smeared vampire vigilante story. That's putting it simply, but there's a lot to be said about this campy, low budget roller coaster, and you should really experience the ride for yourself! Before the film, there will be a live burlesque show performed by both Anastasia and Richard Elfman.

Here's a moment from the film to whet your own appetite...

Anastasia and Richard are our guests this week on the Overlook Hour


[Available December 1, 1:00 AM - December 5, 11:00 PM, 2023]

True crime documentarian Olivia Brandreth was nine years old when her father disappeared. The official police statement was suicide though no body was ever recovered. Twenty five years later, Olivia has returned to her childhood home to finally get closure in an unrelenting attempt to set the record straight.

Unfortunately Blue Hour was only available to stream until 12/5, but not to worry, because the film is currently available on VOD! It premiered at Panic Fest and screened at the Unnamed Footage Festival's latest virtual fest UFF24Hr23, along with some of director Dan Bowhers' other in-world-camera creations. 


[Available December 9, 1:00 AM - December 25, 11:00 PM, 2023]

A scientist uses groundbreaking technology to communicate with the deceased but once he is through the looking glass, there is no turning back.

I'll be honest, I don't know much about his one, but the title definitely grabbed me. The plot vaguely reminds me of Adrian Garcia Bogliano's Black Circle combined with the countless ghost hunting shows with this various technologies. I'm excited to check it out!


[Tue, Dec 12th, 9:00 PM @ 4 Star Theater &
Available December 13, 7:00 AM - December 25, 10:00 PM, 2023]

Gabriel—a federal fugitive—and his girlfriend are hiding out in a rundown motel. After hearing strange noises from an adjoining room, accidentally becomes the target of the notorious "Pale Face" killer, whose legend has haunted the local community for decades.

This is another instance where I'm kind of judging the book by its collective cover, and willing to jump in with very little coaxing. A slasher and local urban legend story, that looks to be set on or around Halloween. Sold!

If you can't make it out to SF for the in-person screening, this one will also be available to stream starting next week. 


[Mon, Dec 11th, 9:00 PM @ 4 Star Theater
Available December 12, 7:00 AM - December 25, 10:00 PM, 2023]

A seasoned crisis manager navigates a dysfunctional family and their faltering whiskey company through a PR disaster involving triple homicide, Arctic ice mummies, and intergalactic moonshine.

Pontypool is often referenced as a movie that sticks with its viewer and one that is recommended to people looking for something "they haven't seen before". Its writer has returned with The Hyperborean. This is another instance where reputations precede and this just looks like something I'd be into. 


[Available December 13, 1:00 AM - December 15, 1:00 AM, 2023]

Set in 1990s story of three twenty something women who venture into the woods to shoot a demo tape for their black metal band.

Invoking Yell killed at the last Unnamed Footage Festival, and recently got picked up by Welcome Villain. Fingers crossed it gets a physical release, because this is one that belongs in the found footage collection!


[Sat, Dec 9th, 9:00 PM @ 4 Star Theater &
Available December 10, 11:00 PM - December 25, 10:00 PM, 2023] 

Parents and teachers are in a panic over kids playing Sweet Relief, an online murder challenge in which the player must nominate someone they'd like to see die. Three teenagers play the game as a joke, unaware of the dire consequences awaiting them. Meanwhile, Jess has mysterious and dangerous inclinations of her own, finding her way into a deadly situation when she meets Gerald, a confidential police informant and sadistic child killer.

From the team behind Cockazoid, and a collection of shorts that have yet to see the light of day, Sweet Relief is an Overlook Hour backed slow cinema cinematic experience that kicks off with an app that compels people to kill. If you miss it in person, check it out streaming!


[Available December 1, 1:00 AM - December 25, 10:00 PM, 2023] 

Everyone around psychic Clementine Carter is being brutally murdered by a masked killer dubbed ‘The Scalper.’ Clementine must use her second sight to stay one step ahead of the maniac’s blade to solve the mystery.

I feel like Scalper speaks for itself; another slasher with a fantastic poster and compelling story that has hints of Friday the 13th Part VII. It's available to stream all month!


There's much more in store at Another Hole in the Head, so be sure to check out their full schedule and take in as much indie horror as you can this month!

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