Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clarification on my rating system & "Yor, the Hunter from the Future"

          It's come to my attention that the way I rate movies is apparently different from everyone else, so I'm going to take this time to explain my method. First I use A Netflix style 1-5 system as most people have Netflix now it seems like a common ground. With that said I'm sure most people are familiar with this...

Netflix offers a few guidelines from "Hated it" - "Loved it". The wording is what makes people differ so drastically, Love and Hate are extreme and there for a lot easier to apply. Ratings 2-4 are where it starts to vary, but I think I have an easy solution to this problem. I think of the movies in pure entertainment value and how I would treat the movie if I were asked about it, an example. I'd say "Evil Dead" is a 5 star and "Castaway" was a 3. I am sure many would argue my ratings but I will watch "Evil Dead" many more times in my life as where I'm sorry to say "Castaway" may not be viewed again. Now if I had a rabid Tom Hanks friend who said we had to screen it I would because I still like it.

      Here's how I break it down entertainment wise:
          5 - Loved it -I give this rating to movies that I need to own and share with everyone weather they asked about it or not!
          4 - Really liked it - 4 star movies are ones I recommend people who asked and if I found it cheap or            on sale I would buy and if someone was like "wanna watch this?" I'd most likely would.
          3 - Liked it - 3's are movies I will more than likely forget exist. These movies had very little impact on me or were pretty boring. If asked about a 3 star movie, I would say its okay...
          2 - Didn't like - Two's are movies that I will openly dislike and tell people to stay away from, 2 often have offended me in some way or took an awesome idea and ruined it.
          1 - The films that I actually spend energy hating. Through the years I've realized 1's are the rarest rating for me since most films I become bored with or just suck fall in 2 and 3 categories, 1's for this reason are special and should not be giving lightly.  

           "Yor, the Hunter from the Future" was put on my radar by the lovely Cinemasewer, so I tracked it down and screened it today. I would give "Yor, the Hunter from the Future" a 4 out of 5 (like I placed under the poster). I'd give it a 4 since I would recommend it to my friends and re watch it. This really doesn't say much about the movie but it really doesn't need to. The main reason its a 4 and not a 5 is that I really don't like caveman tech stuff, I'm much more a full suit of leather armor guy!
           In a few days to come I will describe the lurkers of The Overlook Theatre in some detail and what they like and don't like will start to paint a picture of who speaks to you the best. I hope this break down helps, if you find yourself confused or needing an explanation as to why I rated something the way I did, please ask. I love to bore people with my thoughts!      

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