Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Brief History of Wizard Video

         I've been asked more than a couple times now about my Wizard Video patch, I'm not surprised how many people have never heard of the company from 1979. Wizard Video's main claim to fame was their release of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on VHS, although horror fans will know of them for a couple other reasons. The founder of Wizard Video was none other than Charles Band of Full Moon Pictures which he founded after, another big deal (Pun intended) was the marketing of the "Big Box" for VHS's. The Big Box was essentially just that a bigger box, since the day of the VHS has long gone these big boxes have become a serious collectors item.

The Big Boxes pictured above were discovered in a warehouse in mint condition and are up for sale.

          Charles also took a shot at video games with Wizard Video Games.

         Both games sold poorly mainly due to the fact they were marketed towards adults, stores would either hide them behind the counter or not carry them all together. Like the Big Box VHS these games also became collectible but worth a good amount more. Here is a look at a bootlegged version of the two games. So now that you know a bit about Wizard Video pick up your patch on eBay and we can be friends till the end (theres your nod Chucky).

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