Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The secret Found Footage Fest film.

          Before the Found Footage Fest officially started we tested out the second screen as a possible in between feature films screen (used to play short films or YouTube videos during intermissions). We did this by showing another Found Footage Film that was not listed. Now before you get mad at the fact you missed this rare gem and the preparty experience, let me tell you about the film...
          I am not lying when I tell you the cover is a hundred more times entertaining than the film. This would be an unfair statement seeing as we turned it off 45min into it, but for some reason I love this gimmicky sub genera of horror called found footage and  I am revisiting it now. As I wrote the last 2 sentences the movie ended, So now I feel confident in reinforcing my previous statement. I actually didn't notice the clown (I'm assuming is supposed to be Gacy) on the cover till today, which i'll say was a neat surprise and a 100 times more entertaining than this film.
          In case you need reasons why it's bad, I'll give you a couple. This movie really drags and what really makes the painstakingly slow pace of the film so bad is the acting (I know some people will complain about any movie that tries to build suspense but I assure you I am not one). The next thing that really killed me was that the movie came off super generic, I myself am a huge fan of generic films but when you combo generic with uninspired directing and or what seems like a quick money grab, you just kill me. Nothing is worse than a film that feels like the people making it were bored. One last thing, why even use John Wayne Gacy as subject matter? I'm sure they picked him because his name is attached to strong imagery, which this movie was seriously lacking.
         While doing some very brief research on this film, I did stumble across something cool.
This map of his house is pretty awesome and totally feels like its from an adventure module for a table top game. So maybe this movie wasn't a total bust...

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