Friday, June 21, 2013

Some quick thoughts on "Inbred" & "Inhuman Resources" *Spoilers* (not many I promise)

          So I'm still trying to hold back from the same old boring reviews of movies I screen but I wanted to mention the theme of voyeurism in "Inbred" and a nod to Thomas Reddmann as a slasher in "Inhuman Resources".

          The theme of voyeurism is common place in horror films due to the fact that we as horror fans are choosing to witness the terror taking place. One of the best examples of course comes from Hitchcock in his masterpiece "Pyscho". Hitchcock's best example in the film takes place when Norman moves a picture to view through a hole in the wall. Basically we witness him partake in a foul act but the camera soon cuts so we can see through too and we are rewarded by seeing Janet Leigh in her underwear (if you click that link you only further the point). Enough about Hitchcock though we are talking about "Inbred".

          The reason this movie felt worth talking about was the way this awesome shot was set up. It reminded me a lot of what Hitchcock was getting at, just this time its about the new generation of horror fans and how we may be more rabid. The distance of the audience from the subject in the dirty show room is mirrored by the distance of the camera, its almost like when I was sitting in the Overlook Theatre I was back stage at the show. But just when you think the movie is starting to get preachy by showing us as foul, pigheaded, blood thirsty, and inbred bastards, they pull out the lamest yet what I consider the most fun gimmick, 3-D! I found this very effective as it defuses the grim statement and totally pleases the audience, on both sides of the stage.
Just look at these smiles!
          Now about my nod to Thomas Reddmann, I know most people wont agree with me when I say this but I totally feel like he is the most memorable modern slasher next to Hatchet face himself, Victor Crowley.

I'll start by saying, yes he totally looks like Patrick Batemen just 20+ years older and it doesnt help that he's holding one of his iconic weapons too. Still that is the impression you get until you sit down with Thomas Reddmann and get to know him a little better. First Reddmann has an awesome back story, that gives the character a ton of depth. Thomas is a very psychotic and somewhat victimized character (Nicholas Hope deserves a ton of credit for pulling this off) and its balance is executed a lot better than say Jason's love for his mom or Michael's sister drama. I can't get too into it without ruining a major plot devise so I'll move on. Thomas also has a Unique weapon that doesn't feel forced and works well with his back story tying in, kinda like how Freddy's glove would only work for him. Lastly he also has some hidden wounds from a life long forgotten, you know like; Victor Crowley, Candy Man, Freddy, Jason, and well you get the idea, the good ones bare marks (although he gets extra points for hiding them). 
          I could go on for a while about how much I liked "Inhuman Resources" but I'm forcing myself to stop here. And I will admit I feel I was a bit vague in my argument but I'd rather you to see the film and follow up by telling me what you thought. Also a more in depth review may happen in the future but for now this is gonna haft ta do.


  1. I don't really care for Inbred I appreciate the whole voyeurism theme but I could just not stand the killers or the victims. Inhuman Resources I loved though (if you didn't post pics I wouldn't of known it was the same movie I saw it as Redd Inc.)Right away I did think of Bateman to but like you point out he was a unique character I really enjoyed.

  2. Yeah while I was watching "Inbred" I could tell it wasn't for everyone but still, tell me the ferret didn't make you laugh. As far as Thomas Reddmann goes I'm totally in love with him. Also "Inhuman Resources" made the "6 people locked in a room" type movie work better than any others I can think of, at least off the top of my head.

  3. Are Jay-Leigh's boobs really that big?