Friday, June 21, 2013

The coolest skeleton figures ever!

          I recently filled my virtual monster squad horror hangout with cool items. but once I sat down to enjoy it I realized I totally jipped myself. So I'm granting myself this off topic post to bring you some awesome pictures posted a while back of the COOLEST skeleton figures ever!

          These awesome figures have an awesome stand that holds all they're extra awesome stuff... oh yeah and they are sold out. They did do a second run though...

          I think you can still order this bad boy (who's sporting some cool new shields) from Ho33ie Search, but wait a while so I can order a few. Oh and these would totally go in my tree house.


  1. Replies
    1. No but I have seen them pop up at conventions for a 100% mark up!

    2. i am from San Diego,ca. like the convension ceter you mean?? when ever there are events//

    3. Yeah, i'm sure a vendor at Comic Con would carry one. If you ever make it up to L.A., Monsterpalooza has had a couple floating around.

    4. thank you, yup the convention center is very near my pad