Thursday, June 13, 2013

Slow night (Vote reminder)

          So it's a slow night tonight but the Found Footage Fest is around the corner and I have a couple new ideas in the works. That pretty much means "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters" tonight, which from what I have heard is not a bad thing. Heres some photos I'm taking as I write.

          In preparation for Saturday I've been clearing some clutter out (which I have shown before) and I've been able to move the projector a bit to shoot straight to the wall. There simple was not enough room before also the area can now become half gym space... Or we could add a couple more couches!
          I'll have a lot more content in the coming days and hopefully some finished artwork! Till then bare with me, also if you cant make the FFF feel free to decide on what we will be watching by voting anyway. I mean even if you really hate a film and your alignment is some sort of evil, vote for it! We are at your mercy!

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  1. This was rad. Weird technological anachronisms that often bother me in "ye olden tymes" settings felt perfectly natural in this movie (not that it would matter since this was clearly not meant to be a period piece nor was it set in anyplace that actually exists).

    There are plenty of exaples of action movies trying to dress up as fantasy and not doing it any justice, but these dudes pulled off a good, gritty, messed up fairy-tale world full of nasty shit.

    Action that was fun to watch, an immersive believable setting, no forced drama or moral undertone-just find ugly witches and shoot them in the face. Works for me. 3/5