Monday, June 17, 2013

Recovery & Austin TX

          I'm back from a much needed day of recovery. The Film Fest went smooth enough just ran super late,  still a ton of fun and I thank all of you that came. Oh and Ghostwatch totally made someone flee the scene which has solidified it's place as #1 in my heart!
          Demons & Demons 2 have been officially pre ordered.

 I cannot wait to get these bad boys in the mail. If you have not heard Synapse Films is releasing "Demons" and "Demons 2" in beautiful steel cases. They are doing a limited run of 3000 for each, the pre orders are up now so better hurry. If ya miss out, I will be showing them together whenever I receive them.
          Lastly I have informed Goblin will be playing in the U.S. for the first time ever...

Not only is it at a film + music fest that is right up my ally (Horror film + Metal Music) but Goblin is accompanying the movie live! I am really giving a trip to Austin,Texas a lot of thought... Oh and the film fest is called "Housecore Horror Film Festival", see ya there? 


  1. October what?? There's no date

  2. Good question, the Film Fest is from Oct 25-27. As far as a time and date for Goblin, they have yet to post one. I will be following this closely though.