Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun stuff in lieu of films

           With no activity in the Theatre right now I can't help the desire to attempt a massive clean up. This would mainly involve rearranging the second half of the room that's being underutilized. For those of you that have yet to step foot in the Overlook, here is a look at the junk and more junk. Now instead of doing something productive like that I've decided to day dream about ways to decorate what space is cleaned up... Or more accurately , "kinda organized". So here's a few things that are so cool I just needed an excuse to post about em.
           I have several Ultra Violet copies of films that ill either end up giving to another blog that gives em out or hold some raffles of my own for readers. Now the reason I bring this up is because there is another option, you hunt down this too cool for words 8-bit Jason for me... I'll offer you money and movies, oh but its only available at comic con San Diego. Still it look awesome above the door to the overlook...
          Oh on a related topic Paramount  just reclaimed the rights to the Friday the 13th series. Once they release the next episode in Mr. Vhoorhees saga you can count on a marathon. Even though it will most likely be a sequel to the remake, I'm still excited.
           One of my all time favorite blogs had posted this article a couple days ago and its oddly very appropriate...
Freddy in Space: The Iconic Overlook Hotel Carpet...And The Many Products It Has Spawned!

           Lastly if you missed it last night heres the first 3 min from the BBC America premier of "In The Flesh"

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