Thursday, June 6, 2013

3-D Invasion!

          Okay, so today marks a first for the Overlook Theatre and I think its a pretty big deal. Today me and my fellow Overlook Theatre employee (Roommate) decided to watch a film in 3-D.
           We both are big fans of the medium most people call gimmicky (I could and will argue this in length another day) so we each had a couple of movies to pick from. The film we selected was "My Bloody Valentine", the 2009 remake. I'm sure most don't remember this film or just hate it. Unlike most we both took a liking to the film back in 09 when we saw it in the theater. I know for a fact we have different reason for enjoying it. Mine being that I feel it was a very under appreciated remake full of cool homage for the horror realm, this of course is important because fans of horror feel remakes are monsters feeding off the life blood of the films they grew up on... To avoid getting into a rant, my good friends reason for enjoying the film was mainly due to its use of 3-D, which is pretty diverse.

                                     We paused the movie on this frame and found if you walked
                                      around the room she would follow you with the gun!

          The 3-D history of horror is not a very celebrated one, mainly because of the impact it has on the films content. Yes I'm talking about how our favorite moments in slasher flicks (the kills) change from creative and gory to in-your-face and unnecessary. I could list some examples but I'm sure everyone can recall at least 1 that annoyed them personally. Now from my point of view I think a little of the gimmicky sticking a knife in-your-face is okay, given its early on in the film (just to prove and remind you are watching a 3-D film) and an effort needs to be made to also use it in the narrative, (a great example being Coraline) now I promised not to make my case now so I wont but I will say "My Bloody Valentine" succeeds in doing this. One of the main characteristics of Harry Warden (our slasher) is he works as a miner.Which essentially means he kills everyone with a pickax and that the mine is his home. (much like Elm Street is Freddy's) Everyone knows when you sleepover a friends house who happens to live on Elm Street you are basically begging to be slaughtered. The cool thing about this movie being in 3-D is the mine is given power, so instead of just knowing Tom is asking for death you get to feel it too... Like when your ridding the cart down the track deeper into the mine it looks like nothing else in the film and you get to feel enclosed with the victimes. Also Harry Warden is big and I mean BIG, at least they want him to feel that way and it works well when you stick him in a cave with a low ceiling. Okay that's enough about the film, if you didn't see it yet chances are you have made up your mind not to already (But really give it another shot).
           ...So yeah the rules with 3-D are as follows; Turn the lights off, you want it dark. Sit as close to the tv as you can while still being an adult (so in a seat not like in "Videodrome"). Last give it 5-10 min for human eyes to fully adjust. Now with that said we turned our overhead lights completely off (normally they are dim and red) we sat in the front row which is a couch located roughly 5 feet away from the wall we project on. Then came the best part... selecting our favorite 3-D glasses! actually its kind of annoying because it really does make a difference, we went with the Coraline glasses that came with the bluray. The end result being the film looked awesome with the 3-D having great depth.
             Don't feel bad for missing out on this screening, its really just the beginning of the 3-D invasion!

                                         Here's a shot of my 3-D glasses horde with the movie.
                                        Normally I'd be against treating a disc that way and just
                                       take the picture in the case but it was an ugly blockbuster


  1. haha, nice picture. I like how the case is just chillin in the corner of the shot

  2. nice picture, I like how the case is hiding in the corner