Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Arrived

          This just arrived in the mail and I will admit I am pretty excited. "Race War: the Remake" will mark the first film for DWN productions and they were cool enough to "hook me up" (see what I did there) with a copy. So this will be viewed in it's entirety tonight and I mean it, if this film turned out to be a prank and it was just a blaring loud sound for 180min I would not turn it off. Oh and if you'd like to send me even a prank film please do! I'll post a mailing address soon, so for now just contact me.

"Race War: the Remake" will hit stores and VOD Aug 20th

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  1. I've been struggling to explain exactly what I admired about this movie; its something I see in a lot of film but have thus far failed to accurately describe. I get excited anytime a movie includes material that is clever or original, but could have been left out or done in a more orthodox fashion. It takes work to make a movie, so for someone to put the time into shooting something that might fall totally flat is pretty cool in an era where film success can be reduced to a paint-by-numbers operation.

    Race War is full of what I'm trying to describe, some might write it off as bad filmmaking, but I think of it as adventurous, some of it is seriously golden.