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The Overlook Theatre Reviews: The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose

4 of 7 viewers "Liked" "The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose" (2016, USA)
Here's what the creatures had to say:

Trash - "Puke and dick jokes are more my speed, but this movie leans heavily on scatological humor, which just doesn't entertain me. But it's so creative and well produced, their technical skills in making this film surpass the limits of an obviously low budget by a lot. There's stop motion animation, puns, pretty catchy musical numbers, and nuns with maggots on their tits (that's my favorite part!). In fact, this movie is so creative, I find myself forgiving all the awful poop jokes and rooting for it. Way to go you guys. You did alright!" - 3 Stars

Dabbles - "Well that's a lot of shit. The weird thing about this movie, I really enjoyed the way they shot and wrote this crazy, messed up premise. It's almost like a Kung Pow, but with a lot of really vulgar and disgusting humor." - 5 Stars

Huntress - "Judging from the trailer and what I know about one of the writers, I had absolutely no idea what to even anticipate from The Unquenchable Thirst For Beau Nerjoose. I mean, the title is a hint, but it also seemed like there was more adventure than your typical Judd Apatow type movie. And there definitely was. But it was the moments of claymation that solidified it as an awesome passion project. There was no shortage of poop and sex jokes, but there was also a crazy unpredictable story, catchy songs, and some really smart writing (along with a lot of super weird moments). I wouldn't say The Unquenchable Thirst Beau Nerjoose made me thirsty, but it did make me laugh a lot." -3.5 Stars

Clark Little - "An irreverent and unapologetic sex comedy that never fully delivered the laughs. It is the laziest musical I have ever seen. To be fair, I believe it to be by design and it works within the self-contained universe of the film. But I can never fault a film for elevating stupidity and I think that was successfully done." - 2.5 Stars

Lord Battle - "Beautifully shot, surprisingly clever, and fill with poop jokes, Beau Nerjoose is neither high nor low brow, its unibrow. When I finally muster up the courage to create a film, I'll be happy if it looks half as good as Beau Nerjoose." - 3 Stars

The Great Hornito - "A lot of the humor got really old really fast but about half the comedy was witty and refreshing. I'm not a fan of musicals but ironically the score was my favorite part. I'm not sure about how I feel about this movie because I liked half the movie as much as I disliked the other." - 2.5 Stars

Math Mage - "Well produced innovative sci-fi musical spoiled by scat jokes." - 2.5 Stars

The Overlook Theatre Final Rating*
(Below is for after you've seen the film)

The beauty of indie films comes from a film maker's ability to make the film they want without worrying about pleasing producers or beneficiaries. The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose could not be made any other way. Thankfully we were lucky enough to talk to co-writer/cinematographer Zach Carter on this week's episode of The Overlook Hour.

We first met Zach at a Severin booth set up at the first (and so far only) Silver Scream Fest. Here Zach and Crystal (mentioned a couple times on the show) imparted KillDozer and myself with an interesting and in depth knowledge of the Severin catalog, which was so inspiring we ended up walking away with around $200 in films each. Even after spending several long interactions with Zach speaking about films, we would have never expected a work like The Unquenchable Thirst to erupt onto the big screen from such an unassuming, well mannered, and soft spoken human being. I guess it's never too late to learn that one too often judges a book by its cover, a lesson Hitchcock put at the center of his coincidentally named film The 39 Steps.

Be sure to pick up your own copy of The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose at the movie's official site, Diabolik DVD, or at Grindhouse Video!

-Lord Battle

The Overlook Theatre materialized in a residence for a screening on 5/11/2017
*Based on the star ratings turned in by character reviewers, others viewed and got to "Dislike" or "Like" but that does not affect the rating.

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