Saturday, May 6, 2017

Finding Found Footage... and on YouTube

Found Footage Critic

I, Lord Battle, am an avid found footage hunter. I hoard these films regardless of quality, length, or format, but it wasn't until I finally started listening to Found Footage Files (a podcast put out by on Stitcher that I was turned onto YouTube as a medium for found footage films. Found Footage Files is a show hosted by a guy named Boss Butcher and Michael Steinberg, creator of Found Footage Critic and Support Horror. Every now and then Boss Butcher is busy and Dustin Austen sits in. Dustin Austen is a filmmaker who co-hosts on the podcast because of a show he created, the Haunted World of CW.

“Haunted World of CW” is a found footage web series sensation on YouTube that is created and directed by showrunner Dustin Austen and features an ensemble cast of regular characters. Now in its sixth season, the series follows a team of paranormal investigators that run into ghosts, monsters, aliens, demons, possession, Slenderman, local folklore, and just about every other trope known to found footage horror.

Here is the first episode. Give this show a little time to get going and you'll hooked. 

Now if the winky approach of Haunted World of CW isn't for you, then checkout Dad's Tapes, another purely YouTube found footage adventure that I learned of while listening to Found Footage Files. This series is explained in the very beginning of episode 1 so I'll just say the tone is much darker... beware!

There's something about watching found footage on YouTube that makes it creepier. The fact that anyone can basically upload anything to the site helps to suspend disbelief. Like this video, which was born of the tape trade before YouTube (atleast thats how the story goes) and is still largely considered real.

There is an endless and constantly replenishing supply of found footage shorts and feature length films on YouTube and it's easy to get lost in it. See for yourself and let me know if you find any gems!

-Lord Battle

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