Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Jai Love, Dead Hands Dig Deep

Lord Battle and I first saw Dead Hands Dig Deep at the San Francisco Doc Fest (which happens to be starting up again next week) and we were pretty shocked for several reasons. Either for never having heard of Kettle Cadaver even though they were from southern California, for the crazy stunts lead singer Edwin Borsheim performed regularly throughout the life of the band, or for later finding out that Trash was actually in that same audience. Not to mention the director was only 19 while making this film.

Photo from Cult of Monster
We got in contact with director Jai Love some months later, after not having heard anything about the film being released any time soon. As of now, the film is still making its way to DVD and Bluray, but we were able to check out a screener and review it. You an find it here.

After several weeks of scheduling and email tag, we were finally able to get Australia on the phone and talk to Jai Love on The Overlook Hour. 


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