Saturday, May 27, 2017

Book Wyrm Leaves Her Lair for Fanime Con

Hello everyone! I am currently at fanime in San Jose and I was harassed by Lord Battle to please write about the convention, so I am sitting outside of artist's alley dressed as Sasuke with all of my freshly bought merchandise strewn about on the floor typing this post on my phone.

They asked me to write about what I've watched but I haven't had any time to watch movies or even go to any of the video rooms because I've been too busy going to panels and buying things. Yesterday I went to the Osomatsu San Panel, Fanfiction Roulette, and Anime to Watch Before You Die (18+) Version. I was planning on going to a horror anime panel tonight after I go to the Bad Hentai panel but I'm not super set on it yet. Fanime has been super fun so far and I wish I was already done this post so I could get back to the convention. Yesterday I was here for 15 hours and it was the best, I was delirious by the end.

This year is pretty much the same as last year except I'm more prepared and came loaded with money and booked my hotel on time! I keep running into people I know and everyone's in a great mood. It's still super awkward in that weird anime way and everyone is talking about gay ice skating anime. I just bought four new figures and have plans to buy more, I'm living my best life friends are all waiting for me at the game hall though so I need to end the post here. I'll probably do a more formal wrap up next week. See you!

-Book Wyrm

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