Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Just the Boys

After a lot of diligent emailing and planning, life decided to be its own boss this week. As a result, episode 38 will feature "just the boys". But having just watched Dead Hands Dig Deep, they decided to still talk about the documentary amongst themselves.

Directed by Jai Love, this 75 minute film attempts to explore the life of Edwin Borsheim, the front man of the southern California band Kettle Cadaver. As you'll hear in the show, their genre classification is a bit debatable, but they still carried a heavy reputation for one hell of a live show, even though Edwin is now a severely closed off and solitary person.

You can get in contact and find out more about the film at its official site.

As he mentioned before, listening to the Found Footage Files has inspired Lord Battle to delve even deeper into the world of found footage, both on YouTube, and also on the Found Footage Critic site itself. And that's where we found the first feature that your hosts discuss, U.F.O. Abduction, aka The McPherson Tapes. In the same vein as Ghostwatch (now available on Shudder), The McPherson Tapes was filmed and broadcast as if it was real, which is how it earned a perfect score from the sometimes overly critical site.

This film is followed up by what Trash calls potentially the first found footage film ever made, David Holtzman's Diary, which is available for rent on Amazon Instant Video.

Part documentary, musings, and first person camera work, David Holtzman's Diary is a title that comes up periodically in film classes, and not always for the same reasons.

In unintentionally keeping with the documentary theme of this week, the guys also talk about the new Netflix original Casting JonBenet, which focuses on the child actors looking to portray the six year old pageant queen, their families, and why they think the 20 year old unsolved mystery is still important. 

Listen below and let us know what you think!


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