Friday, May 26, 2017

Screenings in the Bay (Friday to Sunday): Blood Diner, Drag Queens of Comedy, Stalker

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so ready for this weekend to start because there are so many thing's I've been looking forward to happening in the next couple of days. First off, the newly restored Stalker opens at the Alamo Drafthouse today and we'll be kicking off the weekend with this Russian sci-fi adventure film tonight. Saturday, the Drag Queens of Comedy finish up their tour with two shows at the Castro Theatre. And finally, Sunday the Roxie Theatre will be screening Blood Diner in the Big Roxie. The screening will be attended by special guest and director of the film, Jackie Kong, who will be interviewed after the film by Josh Grannell! The night will then move across the street to The Pork Store for an after party.

Opens Friday 26th (2hrs 43min)
Drama/ Sci-Fi (IMDB)
Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker, an allegorical science fiction film like his earlier Solaris, was adapted from the novel Picnic by the Roadside by brothers Boris Strugatsky and Arkady Strugatsky. The film follows three men -- the Scientist (Nikolai Grinko), the Writer (Anatoliy Solonitsyn), and the Stalker (Alexander Kaidanovsky) -- as they travel through a mysterious and forbidden territory in the Russian wilderness called the "Zone." In the Zone, nothing is what it seems. Objects change places, the landscape shifts and rearranges itself. It seems as if an unknown intelligence is actively thwarting any attempt to penetrate its borders. In the Zone, there is said to be a bunker, and in the bunker: a magical room which has the power to make wishes come true. The Stalker is the hired guide for the journey who has, through repeated visits to the Zone, become accustomed to its complex traps, pitfalls, and subtle distortions.

Saturday 27th @ 6pm & 10pm
The boisterous line-up of The DRAG QUEENS OF COMEDY 2017 features drag-royalty superstars including: MISS COCO PERU, ALASKA 5000, WILLAM, BOB THE DRAG QUEEN, LADY BUNNY, Lady Red Couture, JACKIE BEAT, HEKLINA, PEACHES CHRIST, and the acerbic heiress and producer of the show SASHA SOPRANO.

Midnight Madness

Saturday 27th @ 11:55pm (1hr 41min)
Comedy/ Horror/ Musical/ Sci-Fi (Rotten Tomatoes)
This low-budget freak show/cult classic/cultural institution concerns the misadventures of Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) inside a strange mansion that they come across on a rainy night. After the wholesome pair profess their love through an opening song, their car breaks down in the woods, and they seek refuge in a towering castle nearby. Greeting them at the door is a ghoulish butler named Riff Raff (Richard O'Brien), who introduces them to a bacchanalian collection of partygoers dressed in outfits from some sort of interplanetary thrift shop. The host of this gathering is a transvestite clad in lingerie, Dr. Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry), a mad scientist who claims to be from another planet. With assistants Columbia (Nell Campbell) and Magenta (Patricia Quinn) looking on, Frank unveils his latest creation -- a figure wrapped in gauze and submerged in a tank full of liquid.

Get Out (2017)
Playing All Weekend (1hr 44min)
Horror/ Comedy/ Suspense (Rotten Tomatoes)
Now that Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family's overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter's interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he could have never imagined.

Comic coming soon!

Sleight (2017)
Saturday 27th @ 4:15pm (1hr 29min)
Sunday @ 10pm
Action/ Drama/ Si-Fi (IMDB)
A young street magician (Jacob Latimore) is left to care for his little sister after their parents' passing and turns to illegal activities to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets in too deep, his sister is kidnapped and he is forced to use his magic and brilliant mind to save her.

Sunday 28th @ 8:30pm (1hr 28min)
Comedy/ Horror/ Suspense (Rotten Tomatoes)
This splattery horror-comedy is the story of the two Tutman brothers, the owners of a successful health-food restaurant with some exotic menu items... namely the leftover body parts from the brothers' nightly human sacrifice rituals, conducted at the behest of their reanimated uncle (or more correctly, his reanimated brain and eyeballs). The nightly rites are intended to complete the job their uncle never got to finish: the resurrection of the goddess Sheetar, who will hopefully be reborn in a body the Tutmans have assembled from the hacked limbs and organs of their victims. If seen as a kind of acerbic homage to Herschel Gordon Lewis' seminal gore film Blood Feast, this could stand as a fairly entertaining black-comedy romp -- though it tends too often to stumble into some of the same low-budget pitfalls as the bloody epic which inspired it.

Followed by a Q&A with Director Jackie Kong moderated by Josh Grannell
Afterparty @ The Pork Store

Cat Power!

Sunday 28th @ 2pm (1hr 45min)
Animatin/ Adventure/ Comedy (IMDB)
From the producers of the Academy Award-nominated Persepolis and the mind of renowned graphic novelist Jacques Tardi comes a riveting sci-fi adventure set in an alternate steampunk world. Paris, 1941. A family of scientists is on the brink of discovering a powerful longevity serum when all of a sudden a mysterious force abducts them, leaving their young daughter April behind. Ten years later, April (Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard) lives alone with her cat, Darwin, and carries on her family's research in secret. But she soon finds herself at the center of a shadowy and far- reaching conspiracy, and on the run from government agents, bicycle-powered dirigibles and cyborg rat spies.


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