Saturday, May 20, 2017

Angels of Death: Psychological Horror Available on Steam

For this week's post I invested some of my hard earned money and bought this game, Angels of Death, to play on Steam and then discuss with you all. Usually I find the anime adaptation or read the manga, but this game is so obscure in America that there wasn't anything for me to watch lol. The only reason I came across this game was because someone I follow on Twitter is insanely obsessed with it and it's literally all they tweet about so I figured hey it's only a $10 game, why not? This post is going to be a bit weird though because this is an episodic game, kind of like the Walking Dead game, and out of the four episodes I've only beaten the first one. Because of that I can't really tell you about too much because I don't really know that much about it. I'm thinking about making these posts about my progress in the game? I'm not too sure yet.

Angels of Death is a psychological horror game on Steam. Basically you are Rachel Gardener (Ray) and you wake up one night in a hospital after a routine therapy session. You leave the hospital room in search of your parents and soon find yourself in a weird underground arena. Then you meet Zack, the master of that floor, and he chases you around trying to kill you. You find out that basically you're trapped in a weird basement and every floor you go up has a new master. Each of the masters was promised that they could let their emotions go wild and kill as many people as they wanted to. Your goal is to escape the basement. When you get to level B5 after escaping B6, Zack's floor, you run into your old therapist, eventually find out Zach is this floor's master too, and that your parents, who you've been trying to find, are dead. I'm not sure but that last bit might be why Ray suddenly decides she wants to die. Zack soon appears and kills the doctor, and Ray asks him to kill her. He decides he'll do it if she helps him escape the basement since he is now also being hunted for breaking the rules and killing another floor master. This is where the game actually begins.

I think the game is pretty fun. It's extremely easy to play; you don't have to fight anyone, your only real controls are running and taking things out of your inventory. You also have to look around and examine things in order to find keys or other things that might aid in escaping the basement. If you've never played a video game in your life you could play this one. It was actually really scary when I was playing and Zack started chasing me because he runs so fast and you only have a three second head start. I also had no idea where I was supposed to run to so I kept getting killed. I even tried to look up where I was supposed to go because I was getting so frustrated with dying but there was literally no guide whatsoever online. That was kind of the first instance where I realized how obscure this game actually is.

I'm not actually sure if this game is a romance between the two characters, however in the first episode there is a definite bond between them, but I'm thinking it's more of a familial one only because Ray is 13 and Zack is somewhere in his 20's. I'm definitely ready to play more of the game and hopefully it doesn't take too long to beat. The first episode only took me around one hour to complete and if that trend continues I should be able to beat it pretty soon. I found out that there actually is a manga for this but it hasn't been translated or localized in English yet but there are some fan translations out. I want to check them out once I beat the game and maybe I'll write something about them later. Also, just a heads up, next weekend is Fanime in San Jose! I will be attending all weekend long and will possibly write a post about it (I'm not sure yet) but because of that there won't be a post from me while it's going on.


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