Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: David Robson of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

If you've walked around downtown San Francisco, chances are you've passed by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Whether you knew it or not, well... that's another question. We passed by the futuristic glass building for years, and never knew that there was a 94 seat theatre hidden within its art dressed walls. And not only that, but it was having some very cool events.

Luckily we heard about the Maniac Cop triple feature, with mini Q&A sessions with William Lustig in between each movie, with just enough time to get the last seats. (After this incident, the bi-weekly Screenings in the Bay post because a must for the Overlook.) But this was just the beginning of our relationship with the Yerba Buena, and in episode 37, we get just a little closer.

Photo by  Michael Guillen

This week we are joined in the studio by David Robson, the curatorial assistant for the Yerba Buena, and the right hand man to Joel Sheppard, who is responsible for the upcoming Cat Power! film festival. The films are broken up into categories: family friendly, frisky, and fearsome. David talks about the lineup, giving insight into some of the selections. He also shares some stories about San Francisco's theatres when he first moved here as opposed to now. 

But first, the weekend roundup!

Clark Little watched a documentary about a man on a mission to buy every NES game ever released, without the use of the internet or financial assistance. He's also afraid to fly, so that's out too.

I don't know where, but xKillDozerx read that The Disappointment's Room was seriously worth watching, so he took the chance. Never mind the fact that this movie has has 0% on Rotten Tomatoes since it was released...

In preparation for Cat Power! (and also for reviews), the Overlook re-screened Lily C.A.T.. If you haven't seen this multi layered tribute to some big name movies, you can find it on CrunchyRoll.

Don't forget to check out David's site The House of Sparrows and enjoy episode 37!


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