Sunday, May 14, 2017

Digging Up The Dirt with KillDozer and Scott Fields, Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/ Blood Brothers

After seeing the life-sized Kang at his booth during Monsterpalooza, we had to talk to the man responsible for the live action Ninja Turtles Blood Brother project. Scott Fields is the name and earlier this month KillDozer had the chance to speak to him about the short film which the Overlook was pretty excited for it. Unfortunately, two days ago the campaign was canceled. We have our fingers crossed that when you guys read about the project and check out the teaser below, you'll get behind this project and do whatever you can to help it become a reality. 🎔

xKillDozerx: Were you a monster kid from a young age? Who or what inspired you to get involved with making films or working with special effects?

Scott Fields: As far back as I can remember I've been into monsters. When I was a kid I was drawing the Fly, Godzilla and Giant Robots crushing cottages. Heck, some of my monster drawings even got on a late night horror show when I was in the 4th grade. My biggest inspiration was Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. That is the film that cursed me to a life of being a film maker / starving special effects artist, lol.

xKillDozerx: What made you want to break away and make your own independent films ?

Scott: I have a lot of ideas in my head and stories to tell, I want to inspire.

xKillDozerx: From Citizen Toxie to Frankenfish, your work demonstrates the best aspects of practical effects. In your independent work do you feel that practical is the only way to go? Why do you feel that fans appreciate and remember more about these type of effects?

Scott: I have also worked on Buffy, Angel, Firefly, just a ton of shows. I really have to update my IMDB page. Honestly a combination of practical and digital is awesome. My friend Angus Khan helped me out considerably with my turtles teaser as well as my Deadworld short film. He did some VFX that not only enhanced the backgrounds but gave additional life to the characters, he did a fantastic job.

xKillDozerx: I want to say that your short film Marvel Zombies:The Movie is amazing and in a better world you would have an Oscar! With that being said let's get straight to it and talk about your new project in the works Ninja Turtles-Blood Brothers! How did this dream begin to take shape?

Scott: Ha Ha, they would have to give us two Oscars, my buddy Jim Ojala co directed Marvel Zombies with me. Let's see, I have always been a fan of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's work and I wanted to make a film that embodied that, so I started this crazy adventure to make the characters.

xKillDozerx: How do you go about putting a crew together for such a film? Is your team made up of friends, family, and favors?

Scott: Friends and favors that's my crew. I have Alan Maxson, a great suit performer, playing most of the lager creatures except Bebop, who was played by Carl Soto. This fellow Trevor Wright is playing some of the turtles and we have our eye on this amazing martial artist that's a little over 5 feet tall. Also I have the lovely and talented Shannon Murray playing April O'Neil. My friend Max Van Huysse is helping me out in the shop and my friend Santino has been helping me out with everything else. Last but not least Jeffrey J. Ellen has helped as a producer. I have made more friends cause of this project, I may have even pissed off a few.

xKillDozerx: You have an incredible Kickstarter campaign going with some of the best rewards I've seen in a long time! Do you feel that crowd funding is the best way to go? Does it ensure creative control?

Scott: Thanks, I think the rewards aren't to shabby myself. Crowd funding is very difficult. I think the easiest way to get money is to win the lottery, or have a rich relative leave you an inheritance, lol. As far as creative control goes I am the bus driver, everyone jump on board we are going to turtle town.

xKillDozerx: I was able to visit your booth at Monsterpalooza and see some of the incredible work going into the film. What has the response been like from those you've met at conventions?

Scott: Everyone seemed to dig it, they walked away with smiles on there faces and some cool cellphone pics.

xKillDozerx: Will this new film have the same gore that Marvel Zombies did?

Scott: There will be blood.

xKillDozerx: Where do you put these creatures and characters together? How do you schedule working on a project like this while still maintaining a work life balance?

Scott: I have a shop, it's not a huge shop but there is plenty of room to build this stuff. I want to thank my brother Shawn for helping me open the doors hence the name Blood Brothers. As far as life goes, I mostly work. Thankfully I'm in a wonderful relationship, My girlfriend Sally is super supportive.

xKillDozerx: Where do we go to support and stay up to date with your awesome work?

Scott: I have a Kickstarter, Ninja Turtles Blood Brothers - Live Action short film. My Instagram is bloodbrothersninjaturtles and my Facebook is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Blood Brothers". You can follow me and make a pledge to help get the film done :).

xKillDozerx: Do you have any other projects filed away that you want to work on in the near future?

Scott: Let's see... I've made several molds of characters from Heavy Metal, Bravestar and some more zombie super heroes, that's right I am going to do another Marvel Zombie teaser. Zombie Juggernaut, the Red Terror and Zombie Doc. Oc will be in it, just to name a few.

xKillDozerx: In a battle to the death who wins between all the creatures from films you worked on? Frankenfish, Toxie, Marvel Zombies, Frankenstein,....and of course the Ninja Turtles...????

Scott: Zombie Hulk would kill and eat everything.

xKillDozerx: Have you ever kept anything from the sets of films you've worked on? If so what and why?

Scott: No not really, but I do have molds of the creatures I built for Poltrygiest though.

xKillDozerx: If you could recreate any creature from film history what would it be?

Scott: I think I already filled that bucket list.

xKillDozerx: What was the last effect you saw on screen that you thought "I could have done it better"?

Scott: I've actually been blown away by the stuff I've seen lately.

xKillDozerx: What's the last comic you read that you think would make an amazing film?

Scott: My comic "The Posse" or "Gizmo", a super rad comic about a robot and his furry friend, created by Michael Dooney, Such an awesome comic just about as cool as mine, lol.

Again, you can look up Ninja Turtles Blood Brothers on Facebook and Instgram. Hopefully with enough support this project will still become a reality.


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