Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Syfy's next Shark Movie

          This post may be a tough read (and for once not because of my typo's) but I swear just get to the end, it's worth it!


          You'd really have to be living under a bridge if you have missed even one of the amazing Syfy shark films. I'm confidant no one else has ever said that in history and I'm willing to admit I don't even mean it. 2009 brought us "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" and for many of us that was all we needed to see of the CGI Goliaths, in fact I bet most people found it hard just sitting through that one film.  Despite the endless complaints I have read about and even heard first hand this was not the last shark film...


            Unlike it's predecessor, "Sharktopus" found an audience, and wow did some cool fan art and toys came out to immortalize this mutant predator. 

But of course, they couldn't end on a good note...


Honestly at this point it feels like Syfy probably made more of these shark films but I just don't feel like looking them up. I mean when you decide to use Jersey Shore for the crappy shark films, it's pretty safe to say you've "Jumped the Shark". 

Still this leads us to the 2013 shark film and I just want to say, this is most likely the dumbest idea ever but I can't help but laugh every time I even think about it. So enjoy this trailer because you know if I stumble upon a hard copy this will be screened.


  1. Ha just saw this movie on a torrent website and saw the preview on syfy and I know it's going to be so bad but I have to watch it. Keep up the good work cuz.

    1. Oh man while I was writing this I could not stop thinking about those horror movies we used to rent. Do you have any idea what company released them? I remember we would rent anything from them. But thanks I'm glad you enjoy reading the blog!