Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Back and I Brought Lots of Stuff: Part II

          Last time I found a bunch of great deals at Amoeba and I ended up missing 2 days of posting, the upside was I returned with lots of goodies. Well it seems the moon was full again and I missed another 2 days of posting... And yes returned with goodies!


          The two Adam Green films on the bottom were $4 total at Frys. I have to say I love that Universal released a ton of SteelBook edition blurays. Nothing makes a consumer like me more happy, plus the comic covers worked for the two I picked up, which is a lot more than I can say for some of the others.

Even releasing this implies somebody liked it and I just cant believe that.

More BluRays!

          Each bluray show here was also $2 each! I have yet to see even one of the "Prophecy" films and I don't know much about the other 3 either.

The only DVD this time out

          "His Name was Jason" is one of those films I've wanted to see forever and have been reading about forever but just never got around to buying. Obviously I could have tracked it down online but the mixed responses kept it low on my "must see list". I finally came across it yesterday  for the amazing price of $1 it now sits in The Overlook Theatre.

           Recently a VCR was added to the Overlook Theatre (Pictured above) and seeing as we only have two VHS tapes, (see the former "I'm Back and I Brought..." post) I bought a couple more. 

Living in the Bay Area you are either a Raiders fan or a 49ners fan, Amoebas sticker reveals their colors.
Granted it was from the Amoeba on Haight Street.

          I love when football documentaries over dramatize the sport and make it feel like you are history channel covering a war. That's the beauty of football anyway, it's a human sized chess game where people go to war. I can not wait to view this even though it may mean I watch it alone!

Making Robert Englund look just like Freddy for a movie will always increase sales.

          I remember the first time I bought this on DVD, I was very very excited to see Robert Englund take on this role. All I remember about it though is being bored and disappointed, still for a $1 it's worth a second chance.
          On a side note I've started getting regular attendees to fill out short review sheets after watching films in the Theatre. This means that I will finally change up the format of this blog and start review things like crazy, so stick with me it wont be long now!

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