Saturday, July 13, 2013

July the 13th

          July the 13th is a special day, for its the day my mother was born (and yes on a Friday). I am notoriously known as a mamas boy and I am not ashamed to admit it!

          My mother is also the one to blame for my love of horror movies, as she would let me watch movies like "The Monster Squad" or and or. She is also a big Stephen King fan and felt I was ready to enjoy his made for TV movie "It", at the early age of 5. I can honestly say that was the most scared I have ever been and looking back on it now, it is defiantly the reason I am obsessed with horror.

          I love my mom with all my heart and not just because she spoiled me with countless awesome toys, ranging from all the ninja turtle action figures to the raptor compound with dino damage dinosaurs. But because she has always been there, either to support me and the dumb stuff I do or to play my video games. So happy birthday mom, I love you!

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