Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm Back and I Brought Back Lots of Stuff!

          I find it funny that the time I wrote a post I swore to write everyday, followed by 2 days of nothing... Well I got a ton of stuff to screen, display, and write about so its not to bad. I'm going to start with an awesome surprise my buddy brought by a few days ago.

(I actually have not seen either of these films)

          For some reason one of the library's in our area didn't want these anymore and yes these titles are laser discs. If you don't know much about the oddities known as laser discs I've included a documentary below to inform you.

Below is the date card included in Roman Polanski's "Macbeth". 

Seems that no one will notice these laser discs missing... 

         This weekend  I went on an adventure that took me from Haight Street to Telegraph. The treasure I sought was in the form of deals and the best place to seek these were Amoeba and Rasputin, this is what I returned with.

          Yes, more laser discs. I'd like to take this time to add that I started collecting laser discs for the art. I always imagined owning an indie theatre and decorating it with all my favorite movies hung loud and proud in laser disc form!! So with that said who wouldn't want Don Weiner hanging on their wall?! I mean if not "Welcome to the Dollhouse" then for "Hostel II". "Scanners" is a no brainer and combo'd with the cool laser disc art I'd be a fool to pass. And "Wizards" is 1 of my all time favorite movies and I had no clue it was on laser disc, needless to say I was very happy to find that copy. 

           DVD's, Blu Rays, and VHS oh my! Yes that was lame but its almost garentied that these movies wont be! "They Live" is another all time favorite of mine and this time its on Blu Ray, with awesome new art! "High Tension" and "Near Dark" I will be writing about shortly, I have a couple thoughts I'd like to share on the films. "Ginger Snaps 2" is here only because I lost it from my collection a while back. The VHS copies I got are for a back to back feature I'm planning. All these finds above came from the Haight Street Amoeba which I used to love hanging out in until they cut the hours from closing at 11PM to 8PM... Thats why I had to go to Berkeley the next day.

          These all came cheap! The Rasputin on Telegraph is amazing. "Wishmaster" used to be my favorite slasher but I'm sure I was just trying to be original. "Willard" is a must see if you haven't, just a solid movie. "The Backyard" is a very funny film about backyard wrestling in Modesto (mainly) the Lizard is my fav. "Daughters of Darkness" I have not seen but that film at $9.99 is was a must. "Texas Chainsaw" the blu ray 3D edition I found for $13.99, that by far was the best deal of the weekend. "Insidious" I would like to screen before the sequel is released and plan on setting a date soon.

          We have been screening the "Wrong Turn" films lately and these were the next two, I'll just say this now... I don't think they can top Adam Greens installment but I'll still give em a try. The last two films I have not seen before and got just to satisfy my curiosity. Also don't mind my shot, beer, and chase at the top of these pictures, I'm of age.
          Lastly I got this awesome magnet from Toby Wayne Studios hand made by the man himself. Its even cooler that he got it signed by Kane Hodder at a local con.

Kane signed right on top.

Thats Toby's mark.

Here's Kane Hodder signing the magnet.

 So this marks the end of the longest weekend for me, so start checking the page regularly again... Or else!!


  1. You forgot to talk about the posters I saved for you =*(. I saw that version of Hamlet in 6th grade and from what I remember it was awesome, if it could keep my attention at 11 I have to assume ill love it even more now.

    1. I have read about "Hamlet" and its dark Polanski undertones in almost every comprehensive film history book I've come across. But now that you mention it I think I saw it in elementary school too and thought it was awesome!

  2. "Scanners is a no brainer", good one lol

  3. Dude, that Mel Gibson Hamlet is one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever seen, but the Macbeth is pretty amazing.

    You going to screen Ginger Snaps anytime soon? Deep baby.

  4. I'd love to show all the Canadian werewolf trilogy at some point, I just gotta find em again. lol

  5. I'm so happy to find someone else who likes Willard

    1. "Willard" is an awesome film! I really fought watching it the first time but now I'm for sure screening it.