Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Profondo Rosso?

I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to post today when I remembered I had bought a Goblin record years ago at Amoeba. I had no clue what the contents of the record were as I had never played it (and the cover didn't say), I had simply bought and framed it like a good collector. So I took it out of the frame and opened the cover for the first time in years...

My first reaction was, this is awesome! Followed by, wait, what is this?I was pretty confused and I actually had to look up "Profondo Rosso" and to my surprise it turned out to be "Deep Red". This had to be my most brain dead moment ever, as I own the film. 

If you have not seen the film or have but just didn't pay attention, yes I was at least right about it being a Goblin record. 

In fact now that I know exactly what it is, I think I'm going to bring it to the Warfield when I see them. I just love getting stuff signed and who knows when or if I'll ever have a chance again.
 Oh and the damn frame I used was damaging the record case, so I swapped it out with another record that had a thinner case. 

This is the record I replaced it with and no this is not the glam band, its the Canadian death band Slaughter (very cool, check 'em out).

And since I'm talking about framed horror records, here is the only other one I own. I will add that I love this to death, in fact this is one of my favorite things I own.

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