Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Newly Framed Art

          One of the things I love most would have to be getting a cool poster or lithograph that's been signed and or numbered, framed. I don't get to frame art to often as it's not the most cost effective hobby, but that's where Aaron Brothers penny sale comes in. The sale is the standard buy one frame get the second for a penny, with the most expensive being full price. Anyway I picked up a couple frames for about $20 and here's the end result.

This is an 11 x 17 "Hatchet 3" poster signed by Adam Green.
 The glare just makes it look like Victor Crowley is behind the counter in my kitchen, thank god.

This is Spellcaster's tour poster, it is also 11 x 17 and signed by the band.

Both posters being the same size made this a very easy trip to Aaron Brothers, which I promise you almost never happens. I still have several posters and a couple lithographs in my closet that are dying to be framed, not to mention all the records and laser discs, I'll leave those for another day though.

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