Monday, July 29, 2013

Dredd Sequel and "Judge Minty"

          One of the many things that was talked about at the past San Diego Comic Con was the possible sequel to "Dredd", Karl Urban himself brought it up saying,"Clearly it has found an audience. The home video sales for "Dredd 3D" just went through the roof. I think it sold 650,000 units in the first week.". I myself have been very vocal about how much I love "Dredd", I constantly harrass people about seeing the film. I mean this is the film that moved me so much I had to write about it, which in turn got this blog started. So it's safe to say I fully support the petition that was started to make it known people want more. If you find that checking the above link out is a bit to much for you just go like them on Facebook. (Thank you Bloody-Disgusting for the quote).

          While we wait to see if the sequel will happen or not we can at least satisfy our Dredd craving with a pretty good looking fan film. "Judge Minty" is a non profit film set in the Judge Dredd world. I think this is pretty awesome as you normally only see fan films like this about Star wars or superheros. The film is up and free on their home site or you can simply view it below. Spread the word about the film if you like it, I mean they worked pretty hard for free so fans could some more gritty Mega-City One action. Enjoy!

           If you happen to visit the Overlook Theatre regularly I suggest waiting to view it here. As I will for sure be screening this film in the future.

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