Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Hidden Gem in "The Call"

          This is not a good film, yes I am referring to "The Call" as the title suggests. I watched this entire movie because it was on and I cant help but finish a film I've gotten 15min into. This movie is all about trying to make 911 operators a new american hero, as the picture above totally depicts (The use of the low angle gives her power as the flag over her shoulder implies her struggle).  The thing that makes "The Call" worth writing about is this hidden gem of a scene. The scene I'm talking about starts about 1:16 into the film, it depicts the totally lame ass killer (until this point) reveling his back story. Here's a couple pictures of what I'm talking about (I just posted a Gif on my Tumblr.):

So first they set up the scene, which already tells a tale.

Then we get a classic shot of multiple mirrors, this often implies a duel identity.  

Here is another example of the same. This is important because these shots come quick and are easily missed even though they hold a lot of weight.

This shot is very personal, a lovers tension is in the air.

 The hair is reveled not to be a wig but something else, something more personal...

We now see the scene unfold from the hiding spot of the main character. The hair is now revealed to have skin still attached, This is his last victims scalp. This has now left the realm of the "Thriller" film, if this kind of atmosphere would have occurred more throughout the movie this film would have been worth watching!

Our killer inhales deeply of the girls remaining shampoo and innocents. Now it seems we are watching lovers partake in something that's a bit more private in nature.

As he lays back on his bed, he is reminded of a time long forgotten. Long before his sister/lover had died and for this moment he is happy... It's now obvious that we are witnessing something that is not meant to be shared and if our killer were to find out... 

          I have left out about 2 seconds that reveal a bit more, if you truly feel like you need to find out just message me don't bother with the film its truly not worth it. I will admit though, that discovering this bit of footage in this terrible film was kinda like striking oil. 

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