Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Last Week of Hitchcock Double Features

This past weekend was the second to last of the Hitchcock double features at the Stanford Theatre and it was an exciting, tense night for sure. The 39 Steps and North by Northwest shared some of the same scandalous themes and secrets, but they were also their own different stories. They paired amazingly! But I have a feeling that next week, the last week, is going to overshadow the secret agent theme. Hitchcock is going out on the highest note possible.
We caught the transformation process after a late showing of North by Northwest
Starting Thursday, and spanning until Sunday, The Birds and Psycho will be making their mark on the Stanford. These are nearly household Hitchcock titles and are sure to draw a big crown. You can check out specific show times at the Stanford Theatre's site. I'm especially exited because this will be my first time seeing the very well known Birds. I've been hearing other people's horror stories that came from watching this movie when they were younger for years, but I somehow never experienced it myself. And this is going to be the perfect environment for it. The audiences who come to these double features get so into the films, it's hard not to notice the collective energy. 

This is a week you won't want to miss. And if you plan to attend, just don't be late.


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