Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Overlooked Crowd-Funding: Boxhead

"Sometimes Nightmares Breath."

I'm very excited for this to happen, and I'm confident that it will. Right now, the Kickstarter campaign for Boxhead is less than $5000 away from reaching its minimum goal to be funded, and with 21 days left, which is plenty of time to get there. But the time frame is just one of the reasons I believe that this film will come to life. I also think the dark, intricate style is one that can easily appeal to a lot of people and that those people will get behind Boxhead.

The main character of this animated horror film is shown above. His name is Al. He used to be a writer but has withered away into an alcoholic hermit, drinking the rest of his days away. He has no reason to think that he's being watched from the shadows by something... inhuman. Al's monotonous days are interrupted when a piece of one of his incomplete mysteries falls into his life. He tasks himself with solving his own mystery.

This animated feature length film is the evolution of an earlier, live action version that was 28 minutes long. "Boxhead was not done with me," says the very intense Los Angeles based artist whose mind birthed this mysterious creature. To really do this project justice, it's best to hear it described by the man himself; the artist, creator, director, and voice of Boxhead in the live action short, Randall Kaplan. 

As taken as I am by Boxhead, I do have a couple of issues with the campaign. Mainly, I don't like the fact that a hard copy of the completed film is not among the rewards. The only way you'll be able to get your hands on this feature is by streaming it. Of course, this can always be changed later on. And by keeping the rewards pretty brief, the campaign was probably able to set a lower minimum. The focus is aimed at just getting this monster fleshed out. So, here are the highlights from the rewards list for now:

  • $25 will get you a link to watch the completed film, a Boxhead tarot card, and an exclusive desktop image. I already mentioned my materialistic problem, but I'd rather see this film done than not.
Under $100:
  • $50 gets you a limited 11x14 signed print, and everything that you'd get with a $25 pledge. And $25 for a signed print is not bad, especially with art as cool as in this campaign. 
Unfortunately, that's all for the under 100 bucks categories. There are some really cool things you can get for supporting but they get pricey kinda quick. 

Breaking the Piggy Bank:
  • $500 can get you a page of the actual story board, a link to the completed film, a special thanks in the credits, the desktop image, and either the signed 11x14 print or the set for 4 Boxhead tarot cards. It's pricey, but you'll get to own a genuine piece of this film and help it get made in the process. 
There are a couple of other things to choose from, but you can check them out at the campaign page. You'll also find about three minutes of the film, to give you an idea if what it will look like. And there were not many things to choose from but here's my pick for 
Interesting but Unrealistic:
  • $5000 gets you one of just about everything; a link to the movie, a set of 4 tarot cards, a signed 11x14 print, thanks in the credits, the desktop image, as well as an original custom oil painting. Someone has already claimed one of these originals, so "unrealistic" may not be the appropriate word for everyone. And again, this goes towards making this beautiful film a reality. Just one of these would actually push the campaign right to where it needs to be...
My fingers are crossed that this film will get made and distributed in the future, which is why I wanted you guys to know about it. This needs to happen!


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