Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Twin Peaks Revival - Speculation Turns to Panic

Controversy about the third season of Twin Peaks seems to be changing every day, but it is definitely growing. Since the announcement was made that this new season, set 25 years after the end of season 2 in both real life as well as the Twin Peaks life, would happen, I've only heard excitement and wonder from Lynch faithfuls. Until now.

This all started because of an answer David Lynch gave at the opening night of his art exhibit. He was asked if the season was "definitely happening," (which is kind of a weird way to ask that) and he answered it the best he could: "I don't know. There are complications." This is the source of people's dismay; that word, complications, carries too many possibilities for anyone to be sure what he meant, so people started to speculate and the worries grew. Some sources, many of them actually, ignored the rest of the interview and failed to mention that he actually elaborates on these dreaded complications: there are some contract issues. Sounds livable, and fixable. Bloody Disgusting got it right and tried to stop the panic but we'll have to see what the rumor mill churns out tomorrow.


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