Friday, March 6, 2015

Upcoming Movie Dates and Adam Green's New Project

First thing's first, I have some movie dates to bring to everyone's attention. The first of these will be at the Balboa theatre in just under a week. John Carpenter's The Thing will be playing next Wednesday, the 11th at 7:30. There are also some cool titles coming to the Balboa in the coming weeks, I'll keep you updated.
The weekend after The Thing, an infamous movie will be coming back to the Clay Theatre at midnight. I'm talking, of course, about that beautiful calamity The Room, which will be making its monthly comeback on Saturday the 14th. This movie is an experience that you should attend at least twice (every time is different), especially if you like creative audience participation. I won't say more. 

And now...

This is the news I'm most excited about. Today the first episode of Adam Green's new project, Adam Green's Scary Sleepover, is posted online for public consumption. The idea for these short episodes came from the success of the Movie Crypt podcast, which are have 2 hour long weekly episodes. These short episodes will also have guests from the horror industry, but they will be much shorter and they will be in a slumber party setting. We get to hear stories from the guest's careers and find out what really scared them. The first guest is Kane Hodder and the episode is online now! You can see the full, uncensored episode at the Ariescope website.


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