Sunday, March 15, 2015

Overlooked Crowd Funding: Frankenstein Created Bikers

"Cinephiles, degenerates, headbangers, dreamers, we need you!"

I have another cool project to share: Frankenstein Created Bikers. This is a sequel to the previously crowd funded film Dear God No, but can still be appreciated as its own movie. In case anyone is interested, it is available on Amazon on DVD or as a streaming rental. Dear God No is a "70's drive-in throwback exploitation / action / horror hybrid" about a gang of outlaw bikers who attempt a home invasion and are blindsided by the secret hiding inside. 
This poster was one of the rewards for helping Dear God No come to life
With the sequel, the film makers didn't want to give up any control or blood, so they're staying away from any big studios and asking the fans to help them create a movie with only the audience in mind. This campaign is only for a portion of the cost of the film and will go towards funding the action filled parts of the movie. Dear God No had all practical, no computer generated effects, which is an amazing labor of love. I'm not sure how the sequel will be handled, but from the sound of things, I'm expecting gallons of blood. In this new movie, a mad scientist re-animates a notorious biker gang from the South, in order to hire them to capture a Bigfoot carrying a pathogen that will allow him to perform a human head transplant. And that's just the beginning. 

In order to hang on to the drive-in, grind house feeling that the first film had, Frankenstein Created Bikers will be filmed on the rapidly vanishing 35mm film. This is another intensive labor of love and all the more reason to help this project out; film won't be around forever and the number of people who want to work with it seems to be shrinking. 

There are some big names already attached to Frankenstein Created Bikers, even if you don't necessarily know their actual names. Here are a couple of the big ones:

 Lawrence T. Harvey
(Human Centipede 2 & 3, The Editor)
Tristian Risk
(American Mary, ABC's of Death)
Ellie Church
(And then YOU Die!, Headless)
There's just under 2 weeks left to contribute to this Kickstarter and there are a lot of different reward packages to pick from. This campaign has a good idea I haven't seen from any others, they have several different rewards each for the same price. And if you spend more than $20, you'll be able to see the what happens if any of the stretch goals are met. Here are some of the highlights I found within the perks:

  • $5 is all you would need to spend to get access to an online screening of the completed movie, before anyone else sees it. Nothing else though.
  • $15 gets you a copy of Dear God No, signed by James Bickert (the director), Shane Morton (SPFX artist), and Madeline Brumby (actress). This is at least $5 less than you'd pay at Amazon, and it actually helps the sequel. So just ignore that link I posted...
  • $20 will get you an advanced copy of the completed movie on DVD without any frills. 
Now the fun ones!
Under $100
  • $40 will get you the Curator pack, which comes with a drawn picture "suitable for framing," which could mean there's no nudity/blood, or maybe just that it's a quality piece of art. Either way, 40 bucks for original art is a great deal. You'll also get a thanks in the credits and access to an advance online screening. Not bad.
  • $75 gets you one Hair Ball Special, which comes with hair off of the screen-used Bigfoot suit, a special edition "Contributor" edition bluray that's different from other releases, a 1-sheet, thanks in the credits, and the advanced online screening. These are limited to 100 and they're all still unclaimed.
Breaking the Piggy Bank
  • $100 gives you the opportunity to make a secret cameo in the movie by naming a character. There are 4 versions of this perk, giving you a choice between naming a biker, redneck, female hench woman, or a nasty stripper. All the redneck slots have been filled. All of these also come with a 1-sheet and 2 tickets to the premiere of the film.
  • $100 can also get you the VHS lovers edition of the film. Limited to 40, you'll get a signed and numbered VHS/bluray release that come in one big plastic case. This also comes a 35mm frame of the movie footage with Bigfoot in it, a one of a kind illustration from a cast or crew member, 2 stickers, and a thanks in the credit. Tapes are making a very nice comeback, so this is a good collector's pack. and the oversized case will probably look great displayed, judging by the art associated with this movie. 
  • $300 gets you something a little... I dunno, unusual? You can get a private burlesque DVD or download starring Tristian Risk, dedicated to you. These were limited to 10, and half of them have already been snagged. 
  • $500 can get you a tattoo, valued at $500 done by the star of Dear God No and Frankenstein Created Bikers. Talk about bragging rights. You'll also get a cast signed 1-sheet, the first printing of a limited run of blurays, Dear God No DVD, the advanced online screening, and stickers!
There are so many other packages you can get, but you'll have to check out the campaign page to see the rest. Here's my vote for most
Unrealistic but Interesting
  • $500 and you can be listed in the credits as a Fluffer. Google it if you don't know, but at your own risk. This also comes with 5 1-sheets, a cast signed script, a bluray, an invitation to the wrap party, and 2 tickets to the premiere. There is only one of these and it's unclaimed.
At the time I'm posting this, the minimum goal has been met for the campaign, so the risk of it not getting funded is no longer there. Hopefully you'll at least check out the Kickstarter page and read up on the details and the rest of the perks. This sounds like a very cool project with a lot of homage being paid. Grindhouse fans will be drooling. Drooling! 


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