Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Double Feature at Castro and Some Upcoming Movies

In less than 24 hours The Exorcist and Babadook take over the Castro Theatre! As a fan of both movies and both entities, I can't wait to see how the two compare and contrast, and play off of each other (if at all). Really, I'm just excited to rewatch both of these films on a big beautiful screen. The first film of the night, The Exorcist, starts at 7pm, The Babadook starts at 9:25pm. 

We are also coming to the last couple of weeks of the Stanford Theatre's Hitchcock fest, and it's going to end on a high note! This weekend promises tons of espionage, accusations, and grand mcguffins with North by Northwest and The 39 Steps. These movies are playing Thursday through Sunday, so you have a lot of chances to catch them. Times and more info can be found at Stanford Theatre's site.

And finally, David Cronenberg's new film, Maps to the Stars will be released in American theatres this Friday. It has an interesting cast and plot, but other than that I'm not trying to know too much about it beforehand. So far, the Balboa and Elmwood are the only bay area theatres I have found that are playing it but I'm sure there will be more names on the list soon. I've gushed about the Balboa many times before, but I have yet to visit Berkeley's Elmwood. I'd be interested to hear about it if anyone decides to check the movie out there.


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