Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Little Eye

7 of 7 viewers "liked" "My Little Eye" (2002, UK)
Here's what the citizens of the Overlook Theatre had to say.

The Berkeley Blazer - "Spectacular atmosphere of dread, compelling dialog, and great pacing marred only by a disappointing conclusion." - 3 Stars

Ice Giant - "Excellent use of found footage style camera work. Disappointing "reveal" and ending."
 - 3 stars

Lord Battle - "My little eye is a unique addition to the found footage sub-genre of horror. This film utilizes mounted cameras to passively capture the action instead of a shaky handheld. This is the Big Brother of found footage films." - 4 Stars

The Great Hornito - "This movie makes me wanna "Fuck the pain away"." - 4 Stars

Drumachine - "It felt like everything after the reveal was kind of weak". - 4 Stars

Huntress - "Great use of montage to "cut the fat". My only qualm would be with the object of everyone's desire." - 4 Stars

The Overlook Theatre Final Rating*
If you find yourself a fan of found footage, defiantly check this one out! 

*Based on the average of citizens ratings only.

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