Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whats Coming Up for the Overlook Theatre

Friday August 23 is the next Double F'n Feature Friday and this time it's all about LARP's.

To make sure no one is still confused about what I said, only 1 of these films is a dark drama. I hope the movie posters I used above help short this misunderstanding out, because you will be very disappointed if you expect something dark out of "Unicorn City".

September 7th is looking like the day ArnoldFest will happen (Saturday). This will be a drinking approved event, so get ready and make sure you have work cleared up.

Also the Overlook Theatre review system is up and if you haven't checked out the characters that populate the theatre take a look here. I am also taking some of the citizens on a field trip tomorrow to see "You're Next", so expect a review of the film soon.

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