Friday, August 2, 2013

"V/H/S 2" Gets A BluRay, DVD, and VHS Release!!

          How cool is it that something like this happens right when I add a VCR to the Overlook Theatre? It's so cool I'm just going to call it fate. I also totally stole the banner above from Bloody-Disgusting, I have no shame there. If you find yourself as excited as I am you can pre-order both films now over at Amazon, here are the links for "V/H/S" and "V/H/S 2" VHS tapes.

This is Awesome, expect a midnight double feature in the future.
In case you wanted some more form one of the creators of  "V/H/S", here's Simon Barrett doing a cameo voice in a rather violent short. See if you can pick out who he plays.

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