Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More 8-Bit Horror

Just when I finally put Jason up on his self for good, NECA went ahead and announced he's getting a friend (or enemy?).

It seems NECA is in a pleasing people faze, as what the fans want, the fans get. First they were smart enough to get the licensing to "Pacific Rim" (which I'm sure put people in the buying action figures mood) and then they release the viral 8-Bit Jason. Infact I was just writing up a post about how unbalanced the awesomeness of the 8-Bit Jason made my Freddy vs Jason shelf. Obviously upping the odds on Jason's favor, so what does NECA do? They even the odds.

Yes, Freddy looks awesome too, his colors may not be as out there but that's fine. Also, whats even cooler about Freddy is that he's not being released next year in San Diego. In fact you'll be able to order him off line or pick him up from your local comic book shop (If they submit they're order by Aug 12). NECA has many more photos of Fred here.

This is my shelf space I referred to earlier.

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