Saturday, August 3, 2013

Frys Electronic Visit / Ultra Violet Give Away

          A while back I took a trip to Frys Electronics and came back with several awesome deals (blogged this earlier) which lead to $2 Thorsday, which was awesome FYI. Today I returned looking for more of the same but sadly no new deals were to be found, Although I did pick up another copy of "Jack Ketchum's The Lost" because the film is so cool I need to give it out and spread it around. Since I didn't want to leave empty handed I thought I'd check out the DVD section...

          Other than the collection of puppet master movies each DVD was $1! "Jaws" and "Dio, Finding the Sacred Heart" were around $15 each and are Blu Ray's. I wont deny that the quality of movies has fallen pretty far for being only a $1 cheaper but that isn't stopping me from planing another Thorsday movie screening...

          I didn't just write this post to brag about the awesome growing selection here at the Overlook Theatre (although that would be an okay reason) I also wanted to share the wealth, so pick either "Jaws" or "Shaun of the Dead" and leave a comment stating your pick and email. Also Ultra Violet copies of a movie allow you to own it virtually, this means with the code you will be able to watch it on your smart phone, Ipad, computer, PS3, and Xbox.

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