Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Dean Alioto (UFO Abduction)

In preparation for episode 43 of The Overlook Hour, we screened our guest's controversial first film for the reviewers and most of them appreciated the authenticity as well as the payoff. Almost all of them... And afterwards we heard about the filmmaker, the film's background, and finally that he would be the next guest on the podcast. And now, the day is here. The day that we speak about the first found footage film ever made. 

The part of UFO Abduction that most people may not know is that its filmmaker, Dean Alioto, is a former San Francisco resident who attended SF State, and that his film premiered in a downtown theatre before the term "found footage" was even realized. Whether this theatre still exists or not is another story. Dean now resides in southern California and is happy to talk about our great city and even recommend some movies for everyone to check out.

But before you hear that...

The guys graze the subject of A24's most recent release, It Comes At Night, but don't get into much since all of them haven't seen it yet (so no spoilers), and two of them share their very different experiences at the Oracle Arena. 

Have a listen!


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