Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Feed Your Horror Convention Craving at Sinister Creature Con This Weekend

We're still months away from the countless horror conventions and Halloween related attractions that happen all over southern California, but not to worry, there are a couple of events between now and then that should quench that convention thirst. And one of them takes place this weekend!

Yes, it's Sinister Creature Con weekend! This will be the third year of this bi-annual convention, and it will be happening within the waterfront Stockton Arena Saturday and Sunday. Their second gathering of the year is in October, but that will be at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento.

Last year, one of the Overlook's creatures attended the Northern California con and brought his whole family! His two year old daughter especially enjoyed the people in costumes. (Read about it here!)

The Soska Sisters will be special guests at Sinister Creature

My one qualm is that there seems to be a lack of movies in the schedule for this weekend, possibly due to time or venue constraints, but aside from that, there are a ton of great guests, panels and workshops to spend the days running between. And anyway, there's always the Sacramento Horror Film Festival to go check out for movies. 

Whether it's intentional or just coincidence, there are a lot of female special guests attending Sinister Creature Con this time around. Ve Neill is among those names, as well as the Soska Sisters, Katherine Isabel, Heather Langenkamp, and lots more. That's not at all to say that men aren't also represented in the guest lineup.

Don Coscarelli will also be among the special guests, and so will Tom Atkins, Ken Sagoes, and Ira Heiden. Several of these guests will also be doing panels. 

I will admit, I had kind of a hard time finding the schedule anywhere, but then I downloaded the convention's app and found everything I was looking for. It's available for Android and iPhone.

But you could also just follow Sinister Creature on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Hope to see you guys in Stockton this weekend!


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