Sunday, June 11, 2017

Book Wyrm's Fanime Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone! This post is being brought to you on a different day of the week because I once again forgot that I write a post every Saturday and by the time I woke up I only had enough time to get ready for work and then leave. Our post this week is once again going to be slightly out of the ordinary because I'm going to talk about my Fanime trip! It's been about a week or two since I got back and I've been so busy redecorating and rearranging my room to accommodate everything I got from the convention that I haven't had the time to sit down and write about it. Also I just recently got into Boku no Hero Academia so that's also played a part in my time management skills lol.

If I'm being honest, I think last year's convention was better, at least panel wise. There were more things I wanted to see, more panels I was interested in, and I always felt like I was going somewhere. This year there were a lot of moments where I thought "What should I do next?" and found myself walking around the artists alley or dealers hall again. However, everything else was pretty much on par with, if not better than last year! I got a way nicer hotel than I had the year before and it even had a shuttle that went from the hotel to the convention center every thirty minutes which was super super convenient. The game room was exactly the same though and one of my favorite games broke down which was kind of a bummer.

My favorite part was again, the artists alley. I spent so much money there it's kind of ridiculous. One of my favorite artists was there and I was definitely excited by that. I think I went to like ten or less panels? The best panel was Fanimania by far. I had heard last year from the Berkely Blazer that it was something worth going to and told my friends that we should check it out and boy was that the right choice. It was literally like Wrestlemania but with cosplayers. They had continuity from the previous years and it was three hours long, the longest panel of the whole convention. By the time it was over, my voice was gone and my head was spinning. I also went to other panels like Bad Hentai, which was kind of a letdown compared to last year because the panelist focused on one hentai series versus last year where he showed a bunch of various clips, I also really liked the panel before Fanimania which was some sort of improv thing. Of course not every panel was great and I think that was due to the lack of content that came out anime wise this past year. Hopefully this upcoming year will be better, especially with all of the popular animes from last year getting second seasons.

The cosplay this year was spectacular and I even noticed some repeats from last year which kind of made me feel nostalgic. I also found a new favorite thing to do involving cosplays at the con which are the cosplay meetups! I had no idea they were so interesting to go to, I saw the Steven Universe, Fire Emblem, Shonen Jump, and Overwatch meetups and they were all really fun to watch. Basically, if you're cosplaying as something that has a strong following you check out this board and see what time your meetup is and then everyone that's dressed up as something from the series shows up and takes pictures. People are allowed to yell out things they want pictures of including pairings, groups, and stupid poses (my personal favorite is the dab lol). It's also a great way to pass some time if there's a lull in the con.

I really love going to fanime and look forward to it every year. This year was no exception. I played, I bought, and I saw everything there was to see and I'm still suffering from my post con depression. I wish there were more conventions like Fanime here up north because I would definitely be at every one of them (and I would also be very broke) I'm going to post a picture of my purchases below just so you get the full idea of how much I enjoy blowing my money once every year on dumb anime things lolol. See you next time!


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