Saturday, June 17, 2017

Attack on Titan: Reactions and Predictions After Season 2

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So Attack on Titan season 2 aired its finale this morning, but they also announced that season 3 is coming next year! I am so happy to hear that because a little part of me was really worried that I would have to wait another four years to hear about season three. I hate to admit it, but season two of Attack on Titan was probably my favorite anime of the season (next to My Hero Academia which I just got into last week lmao) and the biggest reason I enjoyed it so much was actually because people that don't normally talk to me about anime kept talking to me about the new episodes every week. I have to be honest and say that I looked forward to watching the new episode each week and then going to work to talk about it.

I guess we should discuss what exactly happened this season because there was so much going on. So spoiler alert from this point forward! I personally thought that watching the anime was actually better than reading the manga because when I read it as it was coming out I found it confusing and hard to follow what was happening. That could've been because I was reading the raw scans online or I just wasn't paying enough attention, but even with other anime I think it just helps to see everything animated. I have a special place in my heart​ for the animation studio that does Attack on Titan because the way the anime looks is just so beautiful and the character art and backgrounds are just stunning. It's probably the main reason I continue to watch despite knowing what happens. I'm a bit sad that we only got 12 (was it 13?) episodes this year because I was hoping it would get into the content I hadn't read yet, but now that I only have to wait a year for season 3 I'm not as upset.

My favorite part of the season hands down was during the season finale where Eren and Mikasa are sitting in the field after Hannes has just been eaten by the titan that originally killed their mom and Mikasa basically confesses to Eren because she thinks they're going to die and goes in to kiss him. Eren just dodges her and gets up. I had been waiting for that part the entire season and I honestly laughed so hard when it happened. Eren is such a linear character with one goal in life it was so refreshing to see that he hasn't changed at all. I also loved seeing Armin trying to defend an unconscious Jean by waving his sword around pitifully lolol. Also!!! Am I the only one who was a little disappointed that they downplayed Erwin getting his arm bitten off? When that happened in the manga people went crazy online and I feel like there was almost no reaction to it this time.

I also want to talk about how this season really took the focus away from Eren which was great. We know who he is as a character and what his current motivations are and I think the characters in Attack on Titan are so diverse and interesting that I was glad to see them get the chance to shine. Especially Ymir, who a lot of people were brushing off as just the weird lesbian character (which she is, but now we know there is much more to her than meets the eye). I did miss Levi who wasn't in the season much because of his injury, and I wish that they hadn't put so much suspense around the beast titan if they weren't going to show him in more than one episode. I mean he's in both the opening and ending credits even though they encounter him like twice and don't speak about him after that. 

I think next season is going to be more about the political aspect especially since we know that humans are the reason titans were created and that there is a human force behind everything. I haven't really read much further than where season two left off, but I feel safe in assuming that much of the next season is going to take place in the inner walls. I think there is going to be a lot more interaction between humans as opposed to humans and titans interacting. There will probably also be more development between the scouting legion and the wall cult, there will be an uprising, and we are going to find out that someone is related to someone... somehow. I don't want to give away too too much, but next season is going to be good. Hope you all enjoyed this season as much as I did and if not, I get it lol. 

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