Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Overlook Hour Guest Profile: Jason Koch, Dire Wit Films

Looking through the Dire Wit website, a familiar name pops out to me... Seems we've been in contact before. 😁
But today we're talking to a different filmmaker associated with Dire Wit Films, the director of two films we recently reviewed, Jason Koch.

Currently residing in the Los Angeles area, Jason spent some time living in Baltimore, but moved out when the city got to be too problematic, luckily just a handful of years before the riot. He talks a bit about how drug and junkie riddled the city was at the time. These are the conditions that fueled his latest film Pig Pen.

If you plan to recreate the same double feature we had, start with this film. And you can find our review of it here.
But before Pig Pen was a reality, Jason co-wrote and directed 7th Day.

Both films illustrate Jason's practical effect talents, but 7th Day seemed a bit easier for the Overlook's creatures to process. Check out that review here.

These films are just a fraction of the conversation in episode 42; Jason has a lot to say about filming and working with his son, reveals and the reception of these indie genre films. He also teases his new project!

You can keep up with everything Jason is working on at his site, at the Dire Wit Films site, and by adding both on whichever social media you subscribe to most.


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