Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Treasures From The ComiCombs Issue 35: Spawn Kills Everyone!, The Hunt, Southern Bastards

Welcome back! Our third of five Wednesdays this month is a bit of a slow one. Since DC has gone Bi-Monthly on their main hero titles, they continue to dominate with tons of great content. Not to be outdone, Image continues to release new content on a weekly basis for fans of any genre. Today I have a few noteworthy books to check out from the latter publisher as well as two new titles going head to head in this week’s duel review.

Spawn Kills Everyone! One Shot (Image)

The social justice warriors and Marvel fanboys aren’t too happy with this based on the preview pages that were released. An interesting art style was chosen for this title and seems to poke fun at a few books from the big two. Whether this is meant to stir things up or it’s just something fun for the fans, there’s no denying Spawn's dominance. With 264 issues and counting and no reboots, Spawn doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down. I’m excited for this one shot!

The Hunt #2 (Image)

If you’re looking for a new book that sets itself apart from the rest, look no further. The Hunt brings Irish Mythology to the modern day. The first issue set something up that looks to be worth the monthly pull. If you’re new to this one, you’re only one issue behind so don’t be afraid to pick this up.

Demonic #1 (Image)

Demonic is a brand new #1 about a detective who sells his soul to save his family. This one definitely has me interested, especially after last week’s duel review featuring Fatale. Although it’s far too early to compare this to Fatale as a whole, Demonic seems to be walking a similar line and promises something pretty cool so check this one out!

When talking about the best writers, Jason Aaron is a name that is sure to come up. Aside from writing one of my favorite Punisher runs to date, he’s currently writing a few different books, most notably, the amazing Star Wars series from Marvel and Southern Bastards.

Southern Bastards (Image)

Southern Bastards has gotten Aaron nominated for a number of Eisner Awards and even won him a few. This is a book that has been on my radar since its initial release but one I have just recently read. I’m not a big football fan but it’s a huge thing in the south and a big part of this book. Don’t let that turn you off though, there’s also more violence, sex and crime than you can ask for. On top of great writing, the art is excellent. Jason Latour has an awesome panel layout throughout this series and no panel is wasted. This series is a must read! 

It’s time again for us to get acquainted with two more books going head to head this week in our duel review. This week is a bit of a weird one but these two books share common ground in that they both take place in the classroom. This week it’s Deadly Class VS Assassination Classroom.

Deadly Class Vol. 1

“It's 1987. Marcus Lopez hates school. His grades suck. The jocks are hassling his friends. He can't focus in class. But the jocks are the children of Joseph Stalin's top assassin, the teachers are members of an ancient league of assassins, the class he's failing is 'Dismemberment 101,' and his crush has a double-digit body count.

Welcome to the most brutal high school on earth, where the world's top crime families send the next generation of assassins to be trained. Murder is an art. Killing is a craft. At Kings Dominion School for the Deadly Arts, the dagger in your back isn't always metaphorical.”

Assassination Classroom Vol. 1

This description requires a bit of an explantion. An alien came to earth but not before destroying the moon. The alien stated that it would destroy the Earth after a year unless a junior high class can kill it and it. Naturally, the alien became the teacher of this class and is teaching them how to kill it.

“Meet the would-be assassins of class 3-E: Sugino, who let his grades slip and got kicked off the baseball team. Karma, who's doing well in his classes but keeps getting suspended for fighting. And Okuda, who lacks both academic and social skills, yet excels at one subject: chemistry. Who has the best chance of winning that reward? Will the deed be accomplished through pity, brute force or poison...? And what chance does their teacher have of repairing his students' tattered self-esteem?”

That’s all for this week. Be sure to pick up one, or if you feel adventurous, all four of my recommendations from Image. And come back next week for the results of the duel review. Don’t forget to support your local shop!

-The Creature of the ComiCombs

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